Multicluster System 12 for SUNNY ISLAND

Multicluster-System 12 for SUNNY ISLAND

Easy setup of high-performance on- and off-grid systems: Establish a reliable electricity supply for stand-alone grids or optimize your self-consumption and use as backup power

Proven technology with new application areas for PV systems – the SMA Multicluster System 12 is now suitable for operation on the utility grid as well. In Germany, it complies with the applicable conditions for connection to the low-voltage grid of VDE-ARN 4105: With the battery inverters Sunny Island 6.0H or 8.0H and the NA-Box 12, commercial self-consumption and batterybackup systems of up to 100 kWp can be set up. On an international scale, the Grid-Connect-Box 12 can be used to form self-consumption and battery-backup systems with an output of up to 138 kWp. The new Multicluster-Box 12 is suitable for TN- and TT-grids thanks to the integrated grounding contactor. In areas with very unstable utility grids, a diesel generator can also be connected. For off-grid regions, the Multicluster-Box 12 allows powerful solar off-grid systems with up to 138 kWp to be set up – ideal for commercial enterprises and village power supplies in rural regions.


  • For off-grid, on-grid and back-up applications
  • For power range of 30 to 138 kW
  • For TN- and TT-grids

Easy to use

  • Integrated AC distribution for Sunny Island, generator, PV and loads (MC-Box 12)
  • Retrofittable grid connection (NA-Box 12, Grid-Connect-Box12)
  • Better serviceability

Safe and reliable

  • Fulfills German VDE-AR-N 4105
  • Integrated residual-current device
  • Active anti-islanding

Data sheet

Multicluster System 12 for SUNNY ISLAND - Easy creation of powerful on- and off-grid applications MULTICLUSTERSYSTEM12-DEN1520-V10web.pdf
  • Type: Data sheet
  • Language: International
  • Version: 1.0

Manufacturers Declaration

EU Declaration of Conformity - MC-BOX 12.3-20 ZE_CE_MC-BOX_12_3-20_en_12.pdf
  • Type: Manufacturers Declaration
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: ZE_CE_MC-BOX_12_3-20_en_12
  • Version: 1.2
Manufacturer’s Declaration - Multicluster systems and Multicluster reference systems HK_MC-Systeme-Referenz_en_10.pdf
  • Type: Manufacturers Declaration
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: HK_MC-Systeme-Referenz_en_10
  • Version: 1.0
EU Declaration of Conformity - NA-BOX-12.3-20 ZE_CE_NA-BOX_12_3-20_en_12.pdf
  • Type: Manufacturers Declaration
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: ZE_CE_NA-BOX_12_3-20_en_12
  • Version: 1.2

Installation Guide

Installation - Circuitry Overview - MULTICLUSTER-BOX 12.3-20 MC-BOX-12-3-20_IAA-en-13W.pdf
  • Type: Installation Guide
  • Language: International
  • Number: MC-BOX-12-3-20_IAA-en-13
  • Version: 1.3

Planning guidelines

Planning Guidelines - Design of Off-Grid Systems with Sunny Island 4.4M / 6.0H / 8.0H Devices Designing-OffGridSystem-PL-en-23.pdf
  • Type: Planning guidelines
  • Language: International
  • Number: Designing-OffGridSystem-PL-en-23
  • Version: 2.3

Operating Instructions

Operating Manual - GRID-CONNECT-BOX 12 GRID-BOX-12-3-20-BE-en-11.pdf
  • Type: Operating Instructions
  • Language: International
  • Number: GRID-BOX-12-3-20-BE-en-11
  • Version: 1.1
Operating Manual - MULTICLUSTER-BOX 12 MC-BOX-12-3-20-BE-en-12.pdf
  • Type: Operating Instructions
  • Language: International
  • Number: MC-BOX-12-3-20-BE-en-12
  • Version: 1.2

Technical information