The largest PV power station in Australia to date can be found on a single roof. Strictly speaking, across six roofs and two building facades. Situated in the South Australian city of Adelaide, the plant generates one MWp and therefore almost five times more energy as the next largest plant of this type.

Responsible for the eight million dollar project were Solarshop Australia and Built Environments, part of the McConnell Dowell Group. Adelaide Showground is heralded as a major pilot project in Australia that showcases the potential of state-of-the-art solar technology in industrial applications. The PV plant generates sufficient electricity for the entire Goyder Pavilion, a commercially-used facility where the PV power station is installed.


Around 13,000 PV modules from First Solar and Suntech extend both horizontally and vertically across a surface of approximately 9,000 m2. The plant comprises 95 transformerless SMA inverters, which convert direct current into alternating current, ensure grid voltage stability and provide the operator with plant productivity information anytime, anywhere.


»Adelaide Showground is, in many respects, a groundbreaking pilot project in Australia. Not only is it the largest PV plant to date, it is also testament to the fact that decentralized energy supply is already economical in today's world. It is a project that could not, however, have been implemented within the same period of time without the professional support of the various stakeholders, above all from SMA. Particularly in the areas involving compensation of phase shifts and dynamic grid support, the benefits reaped from the active involvement of SMA were endless. Time after time, we are greeted with a wealth of expertise in the form of products, in collaboration during the project planning stage, as well as in the comprehensive employee training offered. It really is a good feeling to know you have the right partners at your side.«

Theo Strecker, Projektleiter Adelaide Showground

September 2009

Nominal power
1 MWp

12.612 x First Solar FS277
122 x Suntech SPT200

89 x SMC 11000TL
6 x SB 5000TL


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