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As of July 2011, the sun rises to shine on the Photovoltaic (PV) Park of the Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”, the largest unified PV installation at an airport worldwide. AIA’s PV Park, which was installed by BIOSAR Energy S.A, a member of ELLAKTOR Group of Companies, is expected to contribute significantly to the airport company’s target of reducing the carbon footprint at its installations. The production of approximately 11 million “Green” kWh annually, corresponds to almost 20% of the company’s electricity needs (9% of airport community needs) and will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 11,000 tonnes / year, for a period of at least 25 years. This diversification of the airport’s power sources ensures both increased redundancy and more manageable power quality.


The 8MWp facility lies on a 160,000 square meter area within the airport site. Every day the PV Park welcomes the sun and produces 20-50.000 kWh.
The main components of the PV Park are the 28.740 PV panels of 280Wp each, the 12 inverters of 630kW, over 270km of cabling and a sophisticated on-line system to monitor the PV Park. The PV panels are of the highest quality and convert the sunlight to electrical dc-current. The inverters, in turn, receive this dc-current and convert it to ac-power, which is then up-scaled to 20kV, at a rate of 97-98% efficiency, which means very few losses.


"Athens International Airport handles energy issues related to airport operations with great responsibility and care in the framework of its commitment to actively contribute towards protecting the environment efficiently. The goal of developing energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions has gained a leading role in the airport’s environmental agenda, without compromising the provision of top-notch services to airport users. The AIA aims to further reduce its dependence on traditional forms of energy by adopting green alternatives, such as geothermal and co-generation sources, while continuing to renew its energy-consuming devices with even more efficient ones."

Dimitri P. Dolapsakis, Manager, Asset Management & Utilities, Athens International Airport SA


Nominal power
8,05 MWp

28.740 x Suntech

Sunny Central 630CP


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