With an investment volume of approximately 87 million euros, the PV farm in Almería, Spain, is among the most ambitious large-scale plant projects in Europe covering a surface equivalent to some 40 football fields in one of the sunniest regions in Spain. The plant generates a yearly electricity volume of about 24 million kWh. This is enough to supply about 6,000 average households with energy. The heart of the plant: SMA Sunny Central 16882 MV and Sunny Central 500 MV inverters.

In charge of planning and construction: an international team led by the Sinosol Group and Alpine Energie GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austrian based Alpine Bau GmbH. The investor in the PV farm in 2008 was the Meinl International Power Ltd., Jersey.


One of the special challenges in the planning of this plant was the topography of the terrain. The mountainous landscape, about 25 kilometers away from the south coast of Spain in the only desert region in Europe, demands that the entire plant to resonates with the terrain. An additional enormous challenge lay in the development of the site far from any infrastructure.


»The planning of such an ambitious project as the PV farm in Almería comes down to experience and precision. The smallest mistakes can sometimes cause enormous expense. Exactly for this reason it was important to be able to count on SMA as a strong partner. We have been working with SMA for a long time now. Alongside the project experience, we at Sinosol therefore also appreciate the quality and reliability of the products. These are qualities which give us a feeling of security. Especially in the case of challenges such as those in Almería, for example«

Sven P. Krug, member of the board Sinosol Gruppe

August 2008

Nominal power
15 MWp

86.000 von Yingli and Top Solar

14 x SC 16882 MV
1 x SC 500 MV


  • August 2008

Nominal power

  • 15 MWp


  • 86.000 von Yingli and Top Solar


  • 14 SC 16882 MV
  • 1 SC 500 MV



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