Bang Pa-In

Bang Pa-In

Sunny Central 630HE

Maximum reliability with Sunny Central 630HE

Bang Pa-In is one of the largest PV power plants in Thailand and is located near the capital Bangkok. In operation since July 2012, the PV power plant generates a maximum nominal power of 44 MWp.
With a surface area of 800,000 square meters, the plant is built up  of approximately 160,000 PV modules manufactured by Suntec, as well as 61 SMA Sunny Central 630HE inverters. The plant saves around 4,500 tons of CO2 every year.


What were the special challenges of this project?

“Everything about this project is special. We have to do the project twice because of the 2011 Mega Flood in Thailand. We have to replace, reinstall and repair 100% of the power plant so it takes twice the effort. Also the time frame for the rebuilding seems tight, we have to reconstruct all 44MW in 5 months. The design energy yield is also very high, we have to make sure that every equipment is performed at its peak. That is why we chose SMA inverter. Because SMA is the best inverter in the world in term of efficiency and services”

Solartron Public Company Limited Thailand

July 2012

Nominal power
44 MWp

160.000 x modules from Suntech

61 x Sunny Central 630HE


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