Cotton Center Solar Plant


Maximum reliability with SUNNY CENTRAL 500HE-US

There is no shortage of sun in Arizona, and with more than 300 days per year of sunshine and blue skies, Gila Bend is an ideal location in this solar-rich state for the Cotton Center Solar Plant. Developed and constructed by SOLON Corporation and now owned by Arizona Public Service (APS), the Cotton Center Solar Plant was the first project ever contracted under Gila Bend’s Solar Field Overlay Zone. Within this zone, the permitting for solar projects can be fast-tracked, ensuring plants come together quickly.

Spanning an area of 145 acres, the Cotton Center Solar Plant generates up to 45,930 MWh of electricity, enough solar power to fulfill the energy needs of more than 4,000 APS customers. Cotton Center is also the second APS AZ Sun facility to bring solar power to customers. With AZ Sun, APS is investing in the development of up to 200 MW of PV power plants across Arizona.

December 2011

Nominal power
18 MWp

93,000 x modules from SOLON

36 Sunny Central 500HE-US


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