The sunshine state Florida, at the east coast of the US, with an average of 350 days of sun, offers best conditions for an ambitious project: the  Jacksonville Solar Farm. On an area that corresponds to about 50 soccer fields, a PV power plant with 15 MW nominal power was built lead-managed by juwi solar. Large enough to supply about 12,000 households for electricity on an average day of sun.

The US-based Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is operating the plant. Jacksonville is the largest of three flagship projects that PSEG will realize with a total capacity of 29.2 megawatts. A 30 year contract guarantees a locked-in revenue stream.


200,000 thin film modules are built on an area of 37 hectares. 20 Sunny Central 630 HE-US inverters by SMA convert the generated energy into grid compatible alternating current. With an efficiency of more than 98 percent, the inverter stations ensure full nominal power up to an ambient temperature of 50°C. Comprehensive grid management functions, include for example the feeding-in to the grid after short term voltage drops.

October 2010

Nominal power
15 MWp

200.000 x First Solar

20 x SC 630 HE-US

approx. 22.430 tonnes 


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