Self-sufficient Power Supply

SUNNY ISLAND 5048-US and Multicluster Box 12

The Hakai Beach Institute is nestled among vast forests and pristine nature on Calvert Island, British Columbia. The research facility has no access to the utility grid and supplies itself with everything it needs, from water treatment and trash disposal to energy supply based on renewable energy sources.

Since 2011, an off-grid system has supplied the institute with energy. The PV system consists of one Multicluster Box 12, nine Sunny Island 5048-US and five Sunny Boy 6000-US inverters, including one Sunny WebBox for communication. Excess energy is temporarily stored in batteries and can be used in the night when solar power is not available. A diesel generator serves as a backup and can be employed during rainy periods or in case of high loads. The PV system generates 73,320 kWp and prevents about 1,517 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Calvert Island, British Columbia, Canada

June 2011

Nominal power
53.1 kWp

9 x Sunny Island 5048-US
5 x Sunny Boy 6000-US
1 x Multicluster Box 12
1 x 1 Sunny WebBox

approx. 1,517 tons


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