Masdar City

Since 2008, an ambitious project is realized amidst the United Arab Emirates at the coast of the Persian Gulf. Masdar City is a CO2-neutral science town. Part of the energy generated from renewable resources is provided by a PV power plant developed and realized by Enviromena Power Systems.

The town is supposed to accommodate around 50-000 inhabitants and show the design prospects of future urban living. Numerous international companies and research institutes are involved in the development of Masdar City, such as the reknown Massachusetts Institute of Technogy.


The PV power plant operated by Masdar City is the largest of its kind on the Asian continent. The plant extends over an area of around 22 hectares and produces an annual energy yield of about 17,500 MWh. The plant is built with Sun Tech and First Solar modules. A total of 16 Sunny Central 560HE inverters equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and control technology are supplied by SMA.


  • 2009

Nominal power

  • 10 MWp


  • 87.000 Suntech and First Solar


  • 16 Sunny
  • Central 560 HE


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