San Maurizio farm is located near Lodi and close to the North Italian nature reserve Parco Adda Sud. Owned by Mr. Paolo Locatelli, it produces 1,000 tons of zucchini and 600 tons of tomatoes every year. Mr Locatelli increased these production figures by implementing a fully integrated PV plant on the roof of the glasshouse.

Covering an area of 6,836 sq meters, the roof produces 992 MWh/year, which he sells back to the grid. PV is a secondary business for the owner, supporting his primary vegetable growing business with a green energy concept. EDF ENR realized the design and the turn-key installation of the plant


This PV plant, fully integrated on the roof of the glasshouse, provides a nominal output of 917,97 kWp. Spanning 6.836 square meters, it covers almost half of the glasshouse roof. The installation was completed in association with Gruppo Richel, a French Company specializing in PV glasshouse construction. The entire roof is made up of semi-transparent modules to avoid shading, which is an important consideration when growing vegetables. With an annual production forecast of 992 MWh/year, the CO2 reduction of the plant adds up to 380 tonnes per year.


«EDF ENR is very interested on the farm sector. This plant is totally integrated into the roof, there’s no contact to the land that can be fully cultivated and it helps to increase the production thanks to a clean energy.»

Andrea Sasso, CEO of EDF ENR


  • April 2011

Nominal Power:

  • 917 kWp


  • 4.962, UPSOLAR, semi-transparent


  • 1 SC 630-HE
  • 1 SC 400-HE


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