Off-Grid Power Supply

The island manager SUNNY ISLAND 5048

Good conditions for photovoltaics: with a solar irradiation of 1,520 kWh/kWp, a solar power supply in York is especially suitable. In the village near the Western Australian capital Perth some houses are still without electricity. The best solution: the Sunny Island system from SMA.

In order to ensure highest yields at any time of the day, the operator in York connected the PV modules to a tracking system. The produced solar power is used to supply a residential building, a water pump with water tower as well as a swimming pool with energy.

Sunny Island systems are perfectly suitable: with their excellent quality they provide a stable energy supply in off-grid regions with demanding climatic requirements such as high temperature and air humidity.

Plant size

  • 5 kW nominal power stand-alone inverter
  • 4 kWp installed PV power
  • 800 Ah/48 V (C10) battery
  • 3 kW diesel generator


  • York (Perth), Western Australia
  • Operator: private
  • Planning and realization: Solar Sales, Perth
  • Commissioning: 2007

Annual yield

  • approx. 9200 kWh (1,520 kWh/kWp)
  • approx. 13 tons reduction in CO2


  • Sunny Island 5048
  • Sunny Boy 3800


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