Papal Audience Hall

Flexible System Design with Sunny Mini Central 11000TL, Sunny Mini Central 7000TL and Sunny Boy 5000TL HC

The Vatican supports the worldwide promotion of solar power. The PV plant on the roof of the Papal Audience Hall, Paul VI, is as large as a football field. 2,394 modules with a total power output of 220 kilowatt peak (kWp) are installed there. The solar power produced roughly corresponds to the yearly demand of 100 households. The system proves that photovoltaics and the protection of historical buildings go hand in hand.

The SMA Sunny Mini Central and Sunny Boy inverters are most suitable for a modular design allowing a flexible plant installation in small decentralized units. The integrated intelligent temperature management, OptiCool, guarantees maximum performance. Moreover, due to the MPP tracking control OptiTrac, the Location inverters operate at the optimal power point at any time.

System size

  • 220 kWp
  • 2,394 modules, SolarWorld AG


  • Vatican City, Vatican
  • Planning and realization: SolarWorld AG
  • Commissioning: 2008

Annual yield

  • 300,000 kWh
  • CO2-reduction: 225 t


  • Sunny Mini Central 11000TL
  • Sunny Mini Central 7000TL
  • Sunny Boy 5000TL HC


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