Saint Amadou

Maximum reliability with SUNNY CENTRAL 500HE

The Sabaranis PV farm is situated in the commune of Saint Amadou in France’s department of Ariège and covers an area of 24 hectares. It generates 11.5 MWh of electricity annually, which is equivalent to the energy requirements of 4900 households. The Sabaranis project perfectly illustrates SMA’s expertise in managing large-scale projects. 16 SMA Sunny Central 500 HE inverters feed the solar power into the power distribution grid via their own medium-voltage transformers.The inverters’ extended input voltage range makes it possible to implement an especially flexible plant design.

System size

  • 8.5 MWp
  • 113,600 modules from First Solar


  • Saint Amadou, France
  • Commissioning: 2011
  • Planning and realization: juwi

Annual yield

  • 11.5 MWh
  • CO2 -reduction: 7,000 t


  • 16 Sunny Central 500HE


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