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The Sheikh Zayed Solar PV Plant was inaugurated in April 2013 in the west African country of Mauretania. The country’s first PV power plant is equipped with 16 Sunny Central 720 CP, one Sunny Central 500 CP and a Communit, Sunny Webbox and a Power Reducer Box for communication. To provide back-up power a Sunny Island 2224 with remote control has been installed. 

The 15 MW PV power plant in the Mauretanian capital Nouakchott was developed by Masdar, a company for renewable energies based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), and will provide 10 percent of Mauretania’s energy capacity. The EPC Enviromena is responsible for the building of the PV power plant. 

Mauretania is one of the earths’ countries with the highest solar irradiation and consists mainly of desert. Mauretania’s electricity grid which is powered mostly by expensive diesel generators, currently has an installed capacity of only 144 MW. The Sheikh Zayed Solar PV Plant is going to supply about 10,000 homes with clean energy

System size

  • 15 MWh
  • 29,826 micromorph thin-film panels


  • Nouakchott, Mauretania
  • Commissioning: April 2013
  • Planning and realization: Enviromena
  • Owner: Masdar


  • 16 Sunny Central 720CP
  • 1 Sunny Central 500CP
  • 1 Sunny Island 2224
  • Specials: OptiCool system


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