Solar Power (Korat 1) Co, Ltd.

Flexible system design with SUNNY MINI CENTRAL

In the north-eastern region of Thailand lies the province Nakhon Ratchasima with its capital city of Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat which is a short version. Silk production is one of the most important industries in this region and in the coming years several PV power plants are to be erected.

At the end of April 2010 the first decentralized solar farm with around 6 megawatts capacity was launched. It was designed and constructed by the Solar Power Co, Ltd. On an area of approx. 129600 square meters (12,96 hectares) on the Mittraparp Road of Korat Province, 540 Sunny Mini Central 11000TL inverters convert solar energy from Kyocera PV modules (KD 210GH-2PU) into electricity.

With peak efficiencies of 98 % and a favorable specific price, the Sunny Mini Centrals promise high yields and short payback periods. Thanks to their robust enclosure, the SMC 11000TL can be installed outdoors in close proximity to the generators.

System size

  • 6 MWp
  • Modules from Kyocera KD210GH-2PU


  • Nakhan Ratchasima, Thailand
  • Commissioning: April 21, 2010
  • Planning and realization: Solar Power Co., Ltd.


  • 540 Sunny Mini Central 11000TLU


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