Thiva, MW Station

It all starts with the sun! Greece offers one of the highest irradiation levels in Europe as well as one of the most attractive incentive schemes for photovoltaics.

This PV plant is located in the municipality of Thiva, just one hour outside Athens. The 2 MWp solar park is equipped with 113 Sunny Tripower 17000TL inverters and 9,835 modules from aleo solar AG and will save 3,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.


RSEnergy Hellas Solartechnik Ltd is a qualified partner of SMA Solar Technology. Working with SMA components means full confidence in the technical competence and support network of SMA.

SMA Tripower inverters were the perfect fit for the solar park, featuring innovative technology that includes two MPP trackers, a high voltage input range and Bluetooth communication. They offer high flexibility in plant design and will continue to perform over the 20 year lifespan of the PV investment.


The 2 MWp power station will provide a high return on the investment of Nea Electra.

»We decided to make a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly investment. The components selected are designed to last and are optimized to deliver maximum yields«,
said Loukas Saridis, Chairman of Nea Electra.

»The selection of high quality PV components is the base of the RSEnergy quality concept. SMA offers high quality products as well as a strong local service network for us and our customers«,
said Ralf Mueller-Polyzos, CEO of RSEnergy Hellas Solartechnik Ltd.


  • 2011

Nominal power

  • 2 MWp


  • 9,835 aleo solar AG


  • 113 Sunny Tripower
  • 17000TL


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