Self-sufficient Power Supply


Tokelau lies in the South Pacific, north of Samoa. The territory of New Zealand consists of three atolls that can be reached only by boat. The previous power supply based on diesel fuel was expensive and damaging to the environment. In October 2012, Tokelau became the first place on earth fully powered by photovoltaics. The off-grid system is one of the world's largest.

The entire system with an output of 1 megawatt is made up of three photovoltaic hybrid systems, one on each atoll. In total, 4,032 PV modules, 298 inverters and 121 Sunny Island Charger from SMA supply the territory with more energy than needed, storing excess energy in batteries.
Thus, Tokelau has become independent of fossil fuels and uses these cost savings to fund healthcare and education. The photovoltaic hybrid system saves Tokelau up to 200 liters of fuel per day.

System size

  • 4032 modules
  • 1 MW
  • 1,344 batteries

System information

  • Location: Tokelau, South Pacific
  • Commissioned: October 2012
  • Fuel consumption reduced by 200 L per day
  • First country with 100 percent solar power supply
  • World's largest off-grid system


  • 93 Sunny Island systems
  • 121 Sunny Island Charger
  • 205 Sunny Boy inverters


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