In the village of Veprek in the Czech Republic, approximately half an hour´s drive north of the capital, Prague, the largest decentralized photovoltaics power station in the world was connected to the grid in September 2010. The plant produces a nominal power of 35.1 MWp. For this, 190,000 monocrystalline PV modules from Phonosolar were installed over a surface of 82.5 hectares. A total of 3,069 SMA Sunny Mini Central 10000TL and 11000TL inverters convert the generated direct current into grid-conforming alternating current.

Silektro s.r.o, the Czech Republic's system provider, was responsible for the planning and implementation of the Verprek PV power plant. It is the tenth PV farm that the company has developed in cooperation with SMA, including the PV farm in Smirice


In addition to connecting the plant to the electrical power distribution grid (110 KW), the greatest challenge for the planners of the PV farm in Verprek was the sheer size of the decentralized plant. With a maximum nominal power of 35.1 MWp, it is one of the largest of its kind in the world. As such, every effort had to be made to ensure the prompt supply of more than 3,000 inverters, even in times of global supply shortages.


»Whoever wants to design and plan the largest plants will never be satisfied with second best. This is exactly the reason why we, at Silektro, have been counting on the reliability and professionalism of SMA for years now. This includes qualities that we associate not only with the products. We also value the professionalism of the SMA Solar Academy. For years now we have been taking advantage of the SMA further education and training programs, giving our employees access to higher qualifications. Last but not least, the technical development is characterized by unparalleled dynamics. For just these reasons we are able to meet our daily commitment to remain in a leading position. In many respects SMA provides significant support in helping us achieve this«

Zdenek Machacek, Project Manager, Silektro


  • September 2010

Nominal power

  • 35,1 MWp


  • 185.760 Phonosolar


  • 3.069 x SMC 10000TL and SMC 11000TL


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