Corporate Policy - SMA Solar Technology AG

Corporate Policy

High-quality products; environmental protection; particularly the preservation of our natural resources; promotion of our employees’ health and performance; and the responsibility for safe working conditions are the key pillars of SMA’s social and entrepreneurial commitment. We are guided by the highest international standards and continuously developing ourselves further, achievements SMA management is committed to.

Qualitätsmanagement - SMA Solar Technology AG

Quality Management

We guarantee our customers long-term yields and high satisfaction thanks to the trend-setting, unique and efficient quality of our products. Worldwide, we strive for added value: our commitment to zero defects in all processes. Learn more here.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

Umweltmanagement - SMA Solar Technology AG

Environmental Management

Environmental protection and preservation of natural resources are a given for SMA. Our solutions for a clean and sustainable energy supply help conserve a livable environment for future generations. And with our certified corporate environmental management system, we avoid environmental damage at every stage of the value chain.

DIN EN ISO 14001 certification

Energiemanagement mit Excellence Status - SMA Solar Technology AG


SMA is striving for excellence in operational energy management. Our goal is to keep energy consumption as low as possible, efficiently use energy and, in the future, completely supply SMA with decentralized renewable energies from the region. Here, we see a strong connection to our own product portfolio, in which energy management products are becoming increasingly important as a supplement to PV system technology.

DIN EN ISO 50001 certification

Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz - SMA Solar Technology AG

Occupational safety and health protection

SMA’s highest priority is to protect life and preserve the health of our employees. Our occupational safety and health management aims to create outstanding working conditions and make our employees aware of an optimal health-related behavior.

DIN ISO 45001 certification

Values and Principles

We base our actions on clearly defined values and principles. We also involve our business partners and suppliers.

Geschäftsgrundsätze - SMA Solar Academy AG

SMA business principles
In January 2012, the Managing Board enacted the SMA business principles. These formulate the Company’s values and thus provide clear action guidelines for every SMA employee.

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UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact
As a global company, we are constantly aligning our business practices with nationally and internationally recognized standards. In January 2011, SMA joined the UN Global Compact. The United Nations Global Compact is a worldwide volunteer initiative with the goal of bringing together the forces of the United Nations, businesses and civil society to act in the interest of sustainable development. At the core of this initiative are 10 universally accepted principles related to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

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SMA annually publishes progress reports on the UN Global Compact.

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Verhaltenskodex des Bundesverbandes Materialwirtschaft

BME Code of Conduct
In April 2009, SMA signed the Code of Conduct issued by the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME), thus pledging to act according to fair, ecologically sound, responsible and ethical principles.

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SMA Business Partner Code of Conduct

SMA Business Partner Code of Conduct
The SMA Business Partner Code of Conduct outlines the legal and ethical standards that all Business Partners must fully comply with while conducting business with and making decisions that impact SMA.

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