Integration of Photovoltaics

The integration of photovoltaics on the company premises is of paramount importance to SMA. On the company grounds are to be found not only PV plants and solar roofs integrated in the buildings, but also solar trees. Several of these so-called "trackers" also serve as charging stations for electric vehicles.

CO2-Neutral Inverter Factory

With our CO2-neutral and worldwide largest inverter production facility "Solar Factory 1", SMA starts avoiding harmful emissions right from the production stage. The concept of CO2 neutrality implemented here is founded on two main pillars: the greatest possible reduction in energy demand and the use of renewable energy sources. SMA assumes a pioneering role with this sustainable energy and building concept, and demonstrates that a modern, CO2-neutral production on an industrial scale is already possible today. The German Energy Agency honored the building with the Energy Efficiency Award 2010.

SMA Solar Academy

The SMA Solar Academy stands out both for its design and its energy concept. The building does not use any electricity from the public grid, but generates its total power requirement independently from renewable energy, using solar cells installed on the roof and facade. In addition, solar trees in the immediate vicinity can be switched as required into the stand-alone grid which is formed and controlled by the SMA Sunny Island inverters. If at any time the photovoltaic system does not supply sufficient power, a combined heat and power plant (CHP) purpose-built for the training center will step in, which in addition provides the building with heat.