Sustainability - SMA Solar Technology AG

SMA understands sustainability to mean combining long-term economic success with protection of the environment and social responsibility.

Our products, which are manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving way, allow for a worldwide, sustainable, decentralized and renewable energy supply and thus make a significant contribution to combating global climate change.

SMA’s sense of identity includes satisfied employees thanks to an attractive corporate culture, a fair and honest business policy, social commitment, exemplary handling of environmental issues and resources, and the use of renewable energy sources at all levels of the value chain.

SMA Sustainability

Sustainability as Part of Corporate Strategy 2020

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of the SMA corporate strategy 2020. The clear objective at both the corporate and product level is to create greater value with fewer resources and to increase the sustainability performance of SMA products and solutions. Four action areas are essential elements (key components) of the SMA commitment to sustainability.

Products and Processes

SMA Sunny Central Production

Products and Processes

With our strong capacity for innovation and high quality along the entire value chain, we develop sustainable products and processes that meet the changing demands of an increasingly digitalized world as well as the requirements for sustainability and a circular economy.

SMA Solar Development


SMA employees put their values of trust, performance and team spirit into practice in their day-to-day work, thus creating scope for responsible, entrepreneurial action and opportunities for shaping international cooperation.


Environment and Energy

At SMA, we are continually working on reducing the use of resources in terms of raw materials, energy, mobility and waste. At the same time, we do everything we can to increase the use of renewable sources in terms of energy, environmentally friendly materials and sustainable forms of mobility, as well as to improve recycling rates.

SMA Solar Academy Training

Social Responsibility

As a global company, SMA meets its societal and moral responsibilities to all stakeholders. Internationally applicable Values and Principles apply both to our locations and to the entire supply chain. We are a member of national and international organizations and associations to promote the growth of renewable energy sources.