Why choose SMA for your solar energy solution?

#1 European PV inverter manufacturer brand.


With its German engineering and design, SMA is the chosen European PV inverter manufacturer brand in the Australian solar market*.

*PV Inverter Market Tracker/Q1 2019, IHS

>750,000 SMA inverters already installed across Australia alone


Over 750,000 SMA inverters have already installed across Australia alone, producing more than 35% of all solar electricity in the country.

100% of SMA inverters are comprehensively tested before leaving the factory


100% of SMA inverters are comprehensively tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliable operation for the life of the inverter.

SMA Energy System Home
My home. My energy. Our climate.
Save up to 80% on energy costs with solar power

Explore how a SMA Energy System Home helps you:

SMA Energy System Home
One system, single source.

  • Flexible to your energy needs and budget.
  • Generate, store and manage your solar power with rigorously tested German components.
  • Can be scaled over time with your home’s evolving energy needs.

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    SMA Sunny Tripower or Sunny Boy
    PV Inverter which produces solar power and ensures optimum energy usage in your home.

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    Sunny Boy Storage
    Battery Inverter which allows you to use a range of solar power batteries for your home.

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    Sunny Home Manager 2.0 or SMA Energy Meter
    Analyses all energy usage in your home e.g. washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. Suggests the most suitable and cost-effective time of a day to use energy.

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    Store excess solar power for when your home needs it. A range of compatible batteries are available, even with backup options.

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    SMA ShadeFix
    in-built technology optimises solar energy produced for lightly to medium shaded solar systems.

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    SMA Monitoring (Sunny Portal or Sunny Places)
    visualises energy production and consumption at your home and stores it in one easy to access portal.

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  • 24/7 SERVICE

    SMA Smart Connected
    automatically detects any issues and initiates immediate troubleshooting as part of your system warranty with SMA.

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Solar power from the roof

Choose the right installer for your SMA system

With over 5800 accredited installers in Australia, choosing the right installer is challenging. Make sure you find the best installer with the SMA PowerUP Partner Network. Our independent partners are vigorously audited SMA experts with training and experience. Because of this, their installations are secured by a number of benefits backed by SMA.

SMA PowerUP benefits

Free 5+5 years warranty for systems purchased from SMA PowerUP Partners.

SMA PowerUP benefits

24/7 service with automatic inverter monitoring and alerts from SMA.

SMA PowerUP benefits

Quality system design from exclusively trained SMA PowerUP Partners.

Download our SMA Energy System Home brochure here

Download our SMA Energy System Home brochure here

Stay up-to-date with the free SMA Newsletter

Stay up-to-date with the free SMA Newsletter