SMA Seminar Concept

Where theory meets day-to-day life

Sharing knowledge. That is our basic philosophy because we can only advance in photovoltaic’s together. Whether it is planning a plant, choosing from the range of SMA inverters, or deciding upon communication solutions, our courses will teach you everything you need to know.

But we also would like to learn from you; it is the only way we can make our products even more user-friendly and efficient.

SMA - Trend setting

Trend setting

Regardless of whether it comes to SMA products, Smart grids, grid management, or internal consumption – our Solar Academy instructors are always up-to-date. When developing new seminars, we discuss and frequently integrate the latest developments into our courses.

SMA - Competent


Being a photovoltaic specialist is a good start for SMA Solar Academy instructors – but certainly not the only qualification required. Beyond the PV world, our instructor team is made up of experts from the fields of electronic network engineering, energy management, thermal engineering and communications technology. They offer an immense amount of real-world experience, including substantial experience with renewable energy. In addition, SMA Solar Academy instructors stay in close contact with our developers as well as experts outside the company. This is how we ensure that knowledge and expertise in the field of photovoltaic’s is exchanged between all parties and subsequently passed on to you.

SMA - Custom Fit

Custom Fit

We offer customised options for individual needs. We also offer training sessions for specialist groups, whether they are solar specialists, sales staff or system planners, architects and engineers. Furthermore, our seminars are planned according to different topics and levels of knowledge. We have designed training sessions based on SMA products and technical expertise, ranging from beginners, to advanced and even expert level. In addition, our compact seminars provide instruction on specialist subjects aimed at specific target groups. We also offer in-house training upon request. Whatever your needs may be, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can further discuss your requirements.

SMA - Team Players

Team Players

Dialogue is extremely important. This is why we consider every training course held at the SMA Solar Academy to be a forum where industry experts come together. Whether it is during the courses themselves, over lunch, while taking a tour of our inverter factory in Germany or during an evening program. Every seminar visit is made up of the subject related input from all parties involved.


Whether it’s the Berlin Central train station or the Olympic Park Boulevard in Sydney, SMA products are in operation around the world. It’s really no wonder that there is such a high level of demand for qualified training sessions about our inverters. For detailed information on the training courses we offer, please refer to the Training Courses tab.