SMA PowerUP Dealers

In the very competitive solar world, it can be a difficult and challenging job to not only differentiate yourself from the competition but also to provide a unique offering. SMA’s brand new and exclusive* PowerUP Dealer program is specifically designed to give you this exact edge. With access to deeper levels of training material and dedicated sales and marketing support, special bundles and included warranty upgrades, PowerUP Dealers will be able to make offers to their customers that are unique and unrivalled.

If you are looking to give your business an edge over the competition in your area, let us know by sending an inquiry to

* PowerUP Dealers are a geographically based limited offering to the market, and will be closed to new applicants once fully subscribed.

SMA PowerUP Dealers are a network of Trusted Solar Energy Dealers that are fully qualified and trained to install and service your SMA inverter. SMA PowerUP Dealers are well equipped with the thorough knowledge of both SMA residential and commercial solutions. If you’re looking for a competent and professional SMA dealer in your area, the PowerUP Dealer network is all you need to ensure you the best experience with SMA and solar.

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