Insurance for energy yields

Reliability and precision in monitoring systems: the Sunny String-Monitor compares and analyzes individual string currents, which enables you to precisely and reliably monitor your solar energy yields. Thanks to the numerous system variants available, plant design becomes even more flexible. The Sunny String-Monitor can guarantee the highest level of plant safety and protection for modules by immediately disconnecting defect strings. Yet another benefit is the new combination arrester that provides excellent lightning and overvoltage protection. It is ideally suited for wall and base mounting thanks to the robust unisize enclosure. Likewise, it is able to withstand extreme ambient conditions due to the glass-fiber reinforced plastic.


  • Precise monitoring and detection of string failures
  • Improved plant and module safety
  • Integrated combination arrester for lightning and overvoltage protection

  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic enclosure for outdoor installation
  • Robust enclosure for wall and base mounting
  • Low maintenance costs and minimal wear thanks to longer product life

  • Numerous system versions for flexible plant design
  • Matching fuses for each module type
  • Easy and flexible connection possibilities

  • Substantial cost savings thanks to improved safeguard measures
  • Reduced costs due to multiple allocation of the measuring channels
  • Precise PV yield monitoring with improved measurement accuracy


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