Reckahn solar park

Maximum reliability with Sunny Central 800CP

Since the commissioning of the open space PV power station in Reckahn, solar energy has been making an important contribution to the environmental balance of the Kloster Lehnin community. The facility, which covers more than 98 hectares, helps save more than 28,000 tons of CO2 annually. The PV farm was built on land belonging to a long-neglected industrial park, while keeping much of the land open. It was important to cover much of the area under and between the modules with grass and plants, preserving the habitat for birds and insects.

Fortytwo SMA inverter stations were used in building the facility, all of which ensure smooth conversion of the solar power. In just under five months of construction, 487,200 PV modules were installed, about 283 kilometers of cable were laid, and more than 16,000 tons of construction materials were used.


  • December 2010

Construction period

  • 11 months

Nominal power

  • 37,8 MWp

Annual yield

  • CO2-reduciton: 28,000 t


  • 487.200 from First Solar


  • 39 SC 800 CP
  • 1 SC 500CP
  • 2 SC 630CP


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