Turnkey system solution with the new Sunny Central inverter

Highest Power Density
in a Standard Container

The new Medium Voltage Power Station offers unique power density in a standard 20 feet sea freight container. The plug and play turnkey solution for easy transport, installation and commissioning allows for significant system cost reductions and enables power outputs of 2,200 kW at 1,000 VDC and 2,500 kW at 1,500 VDC system voltage. With its perfectly matched components Sunny Central inverter, a robust medium voltage transformer and medium voltage switchgear the MVPS is ready for global outdoor use at up to 50 °C.

Technology Leader SMA
sets Standards with new 1,500 V Technology

Future-oriented 1,500 Volt technology enables remarkable system cost reductions in large PV power plants.

"Next generation of PV system technology"

"The most immediate opportunity that we see for utility-scale PV system cost reduction is the installation of 1,500 Vdc systems. Higher-voltage systems enable longer strings, which allow for fewer combiner boxes, less wiring and trenching, and therefore less labor. According to our research, installing 1,500 Vdc systems in place of now-standard 1,000 Vdc can lower costs by as much as $0.05 per watt.” (...)
From: article on the web platform Greentechsolar (Mai 2015)

Rwanda gigawatt project - SMA Solar Technology AG

Sunny Central 2500SC-EV

Sunny Central 2200/ 2500-EV
Continuation of the successful Sunny Central Series

  • Performance classes: 2200 kVA and 2500 kVA
  • 1,000 VDC and 1,500 VDC version
  • Proven B6-topology with more than 98 % efficiency
  • Overdimensioning of up to 160 % DC/AC ratio
  • Cool concept OptiCool ™ for use in all environmental conditions
  • Up to 24 DC inputs
  • Room for customer equipment and interfaces

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