Visy Board - Commercial PV System - South Australia

Commercial PV Power Plant - South Australia, 2019

Visy Board – 2 MW

With a history of recycling and renewable energy throughout Australia and abroad, Visy is renowned for demonstrating its commitment to running a responsible business. The 1.92MW roof-top solar & 340kWh Tesla battery installation cements their position as a leader in global efforts that aim to significantly reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Taking advantage of innovative government initiatives that encourage the transition to renewable energy, the PV system at Visy's corrugated board site in Gepps Cross, South Australia, is one of the largest single rooftop installations in the southern hemisphere.

The project was completed by national solar power firm Energy Aware and utilises over 5,500 solar modules with 34 SMA inverters. This translates to an annual solar production of almost 3,000,000kWh. The 348kWh battery storage allows Visy to maximise the solar power utilisation with the potential to work towards complete energy independence.

Visy Board Commercial PV System - Rooftop

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