SMA SafeSolar

Don’t trust fairy tales. Trust the facts.

We all love fairy tales, but when it comes to PV safety, we need to look at the facts.

Even though PV systems pose less of a fire risk than your refrigerator or tumble dryer, we have been continuously improving our standards over the last 40 years. As a result, SMA has developed and led the path to lean PV systems with intelligent software features.

With SMA, you only install the devices you need for a reliable and safe energy supply.

Discover the benefits of SMA SafeSolar here.

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SMA SafeSolar – an integrated approach

For more than 40 years we have been developing integrated and lean PV systems with high-quality components. Through the integration of innovative safety technologies in our inverters, we can sustain a lean PV system and therefore minimise the likelihood of malfunctions.

How you benefit from our holistic SMA SafeSolar approach:

  • Lean PV systems with high-quality devices
  • Intelligent and innovative software features, directly integrated into our inverters
  • Extensive quality controls and testing
  • 40 years’ experience in developing PV technology globally
  • Support and training offered from our local service and engineering teams

Lean systems: Less is more

A lean system design plays a key role in the safety of a PV system.

SMA string inverters don’t require the installation of extra hardware such as DC optimisers also referred to as module level power electronics (MLPE) devices.


  • Significant reduction of the likelihood of malfunctions, whilst providing maximum performance due to SMA ShadeFix
  • Lower probability of wiring mishap due to 1/3 less connections between the solar panels and the string inverter, compared to MLPE
  • Cost Savings due to reduced installation time
  • Reduce risk of potential accidents during installation and service calls as the installation, maintenance, and replacement of roof mounted MLPE devices is not required

The reduced component count and equipment will create a longer lasting and simpler to install and maintain system.

SMA SafeSolar advantage: PV systems with MLPE devices require 3 times as many DC connectors as those that use SME string technology. More connectors impose more risk.

Intelligent and innovative features improve safety

String inverters have a proven history due to their established reliability, serviceability, and high efficiency.

SMA continues to make advancements in safety and efficiency with the introduction of advanced technologies and features.

  • SMA ARCFix
  • SMA Diagnostics (IV Curve)
  • Integrated DC Isolators
  • SMA Smart Connected - Premium monitoring service for reliable system performance
  • SMA Shadefix
Intelligent and innovative software features improve safety

SMA ArcFix

SMA has taken Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology to a new level with SMA ArcFix. The arc fault protection feature effectively detects electric arcs and interrupts the electric circuit. The system automatically restarts if a false alarm occurs.

The future integration of SMA ArcFix into PV inverters will offer several benefits:

  • Reduction in cost and time as the installation of additional arc fault protection devices are not required
  • Full system compatibility

Inverters that are currently ArcFix compatible:

  • STP50-41 – All firmware versions
  • SB3.0-6.0-1AV-41 – Firmware 4.00.42.R or newer and units manufactured after 1/2/2021*

*Units manufactured prior to 1/2/2021 did not get the validation during production and therefore AFCI function cannot be enabled even after firmware update.

SMA will progressively roll out the AFCI function for other products.

SMA ArcFix - Effectively stop electric arcs

Extensive testing and certification

SMA products undergo extensive tests and quality checks in certified test centres as early as during the development stage. This allows us to guarantee the high quality of our products and solutions and comply with all international standards.

Our quality management is certified in accordance with the internationally recognized DIN ISO 9001 standard.

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Extensive testing and international partnerships

SMA Solar Academy

Be a Solar Expert

As an installer, you play a pivotal role in the shift to a sustainable energy future - from professional customer consulting to on-site construction of the PV system.

Achieve greater success through improved knowledge. The SMA Solar Academy provides comprehensive training and professional development programs that help you install and commission our lean PV systems as safely as possible.

Do you want to learn more about PV system safety? Then read our whitepaper.


Do you want to learn more about PV system safety? Then read our whitepaper.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our SMA SafeSolar approach.


Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our SMA SafeSolar approach.