SMA Service Select

Every PV system is unique. Each has its own specific technology. With our services we rely on flexible solutions. You can choose from a wide variety of warranty and service options, combining them into your own customized package. With SMA Service Select, we provide you with service throughout the life of your PV system – we will be by your side.

*Please note that our services and their scope can vary in different countries

SMA Extended Warranty

If you choose an SMA extended warranty, we provide prompt support at no cost even after the 5-year manufacturer's warranty expires. The extended warranty includes the following services:

SMA Replacement Device: The inverter is set up to receive all updates and is a perfect match for your PV system.

SMA Service Line: Our employees conduct an error analysis and initiate the inverter replacement.

Your Benefits

  • Minimal downtimes: This ensures your expected yield and self-consumption.
  • No hidden costs: You receive a replacement inverter with all the necessary updates. We take care of shipping costs and replacement on-site.
  • Invest and save at the same time: By making an additional investment in your PV system, you can often qualify for additional tax advantages.

You have the option of extending your warranty to 10, 15 or 20 years (dependant on model).

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