Sunny Boy 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 now features SMA Smart Connected technology

The Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 features a wealth of improvements and joins SMA’s lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world’s #1 service team. Installation has never been easier thanks to SMA’s Installation Assistant, direct access via smartphone. The Sunny Boy’s multiple independent input channels, each with SMA’s OptiTrac™ Global Peak, mean hundreds of stringing configurations for flexible system design while solving the challenges of complex roofs and shading. It also easily allows the selective deployment of the PV panel level optimizers and monitoring with TS4-R. And now with SMA’s new free Smart Connected service package, service is simplified, truck roll costs are reduced, all while helping installers provide market-leading customer service.

Same Name, New Game

The residential PV market is changing rapidly, and we understand that your bottom line matters more than ever. That’s why we’ve designed a superior residential solution that will help you decrease costs throughout all stages of your business model.

Read on to see how the Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 is once again raising the bar by offering improved performance, enhanced features, and most importantly, cost savings across the entire spectrum of residential installation processes.

What is SMA Smart Connected?

However infrequent they occur, service calls can be lengthy, unnecessary and will most certainly impact both a system owner’s and PV installer’s bottom line. SMA’s new free Smart Connected service package offers a proactive solution that saves installers time and money while maximizing system owner’s power production. This fully-automated functionality requires only a simple activation in Sunny Portal and a residential PV system will immediately benefit from SMA’s intelligent monitoring technology. No other solar solutions provider can offer this level of investment security, making SMA the ideal partner for residential PV.

How does SMA Smart Connected work?

Activation of SMA Smart Connected

Activation of SMA Smart Connected
During registration of the system in Sunny Portal, the installer simply checks a box to activate SMA Smart Connected which commences automatic inverter monitoring by SMA.

Automatic inverter monitoring

Automatic inverter monitoring
SMA automatically monitors the inverter to identify events around-the-clock. Both installers and their customers benefit from SMA's many years of experience diagnosing sophisticated inverter technology.

Proactive communication

Proactive communication
After a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the installer immediately by email. The installer is then able to proactively prepare for the troubleshooting process, and arrange a time which is suitable for them and their customer, ensuring minimum downtime and reducing truck roll costs.

Replacement Service

Replacement Service
In the rare event that an inverter replacement is necessary, SMA automatically ships a replacement inverter to the agreed location. The installers can then contact their customers at a time convenient for them and replace the inverter.

Reduce your costs across all residential PV business operations

Simple, Flexible Design

Speed the completion of customer proposals and maximize the efficiency of your design team with the Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0, which provides a new level of flexibility in system design by offering:

  • Hundreds of stringing configurations
  • Multiple independent MPPTs
  • SMA’s proprietary OptiTrac™ Global Peak shade mitigation technology
  • WLAN communication for simplified connection to the web and Sunny Portal
  • Diverse application options including on- and off-grid compatibility
  • Smart monitoring through the WLAN accessible smart inverter screen

Simple, Flexible Design - SUNNY BOY 5.0-US / 6.0-US

Value Driven Sales Enablement

SMA wants to help drive down the cost of customer service, and improve margins by arming installers with an abundance of feature/benefit sales support. Close more deals with the Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 and Smart Connected by utilizing:

  • SMA’s 30 year history and status as the #1 global inverter manufacturer instills homeowners with peace of mind and the long-term security they demand from a PV investment
  • Full Generation and Consumption monitoring by adding an SMA Energy Meter
  • Smart inverter monitoring through Sunny Portal, Sunny Places, and the built in Smart Screen
  • An economical solution for shade mitigation and the challenges of complex roofs with OptiTrac™
  • Ability to offer system upgrades which include PV panel level monitoring and optimization
  • Offer a Battery-Ready solution which can add SMA AC-Coupled Storage at any time
  • Complete grid-management capabilities, ensuring a utility-compliant solution for customers operating in any market

Value Driven Sales Support - SUNNY BOY 5.0-US / 6.0-US

Streamlined Installation & Commissioning

Expedite your operations in the field by taking advantage of the new Sunny Boy’s installer-friendly feature set including:

  • Direct access via smartphone and utilization of SMA’s Installation Assistant, which minimizes time/labor spent in the field and speeds the path to commissioning
  • Improved communication capabilities that remove the need to install additional equipment

Streamlined Installation & Commissioning - SUNNY BOY 5.0-US / 6.0-US

Superior Service

SMA understands the factors that contribute to lifetime PV ownership cost, that’s why the Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 was designed for maximum reliability and backstopped by an unmatched service offering. Benefit from:

  • The #1 Service team in the PV industry, as recognized by IMS research, with experience servicing an installed base of more than 56 GW (that’s more than all the power stations in Australia put together!)

Superior Service - SUNNY BOY 5.0-US / 6.0-US