SMA Com Gateway

SMA Com Gateway

Modern system communication
for existing PV systems

Easy integration of RS485 systems into the high-performance
SMA Speedwire data communication

SMA Com Gateway and SMA Cluster Controller

Easy upgrade

The good news for all owners of PV systems with RS485 data communication is that with the SMA Com Gateway, even existing systems can benefit from all options of the modern SMA Speedwire data communication.

Whether it’s a system upgrade or expansion, the SMA Com Gateway allows the use of the SMA Cluster Controller and thus integration of current and future system monitoring and system control solutions, such as commercial energy management. The PV system’s investment security is therefore guaranteed.




  • Expands existing RS485 systems without expensive rewiring.
  • Allows the use of the SMA Cluster Controller.



  • Realizes modern system monitoring and control solutions, e.g. commercial energy management.



  • Enables direct marketing of PV power.
  • Allows the use of latest grid management functions thanks to the SMA Cluster Controller.

Simple system structure

SMA Com Gateway - Simple system structure

Which RS 485 devices are compatible with the SMA Com Gateway and which application options are possible?

A list of all devices can be found in the Technical Information “SMA COM GATEWAY - Compatibility and Application Options” (see Here).

How many devices in the RS485 bus can be supported by the SMA Com Gateway?

An SMA Com Gateway can support up to 50 devices. For larger systems, several SMA Com Gateway devices can be used in parallel with one or more SMA Cluster Controller.

The SMA Cluster Controller supports up to 75 devices (74 inverters and one SMA COM Gateway). The SMA Cluster Controller S supports up to 25 devices (24 inverters and one Gateway).

Is there an option to expand a PV system wired via RS 485 with Speedwire devices?

Yes. With the SMA Cluster Controller and the SMA Com Gateway, hybrid systems of R S485- and Speedwire-wired devices are possible.

Can the SMA Com Gateway completely replace the Sunny WebBox?

The SMA Com Gateway is a media and protocol gateway that allows communication devices, such as the SMA Cluster Controller, to access devices in the RS 485 bus and to visualize, parameterize and control them. Individual Sunny WebBox functions, such as the RPC interface, Sunny Matrix and Flashview, are no longer supported. These applications can be implemented in various ways by using SMA Cluster Controller functions (e.g., via Modbus interface).

From which version of the SMA Cluster Controller can devices in the RS 485 bus be accessed via the SMA Com Gateway?

From version 1.03.31.R

Is the SMA Com Gateway compatible with the Sunny Explorer?

Yes, the version 1.07.29.R of Sunny Explorer devices in the RS485 bus can now be accessed via the SMA Com Gateway.