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Climate change is making it necessary to produce and consume energy in new and more sustainable ways. Help power change in the energy transition with our cutting-edge energy solutions, systems, and innovative products. Let’s shape the energy environment together with sustainable and future-proof methods, providing greater energy independence worldwide.

Join us at our booth, H103, and discover SMA’s home, business, and large-scale solutions to energy needs. Feel free to approach any of our SMA team experts to discuss how we can be of service to you.


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SMA Home Solutions

Powering your home

With the SMA Energy System Home, homeowners get an integrated energy system they can use to generate, store, and optimally consume solar power. The system has a modular design and can be expanded at any time with, for example, EV charging stations. This lets system operators not only make their own contribution to climate protection but also save up to 80% in energy costs while increasing their independence from rising energy prices.

SMA EV Charger

More than a wallbox: the SMA EV Charger refuels e-cars with solar power

The SMA EV Charger is the smart interface between the PV system and electric vehicle. Integrated into the SMA Energy System Home, this wallbox lets PV system owners charge their electric vehicles intelligently and sustainably with solar power and keep their grid purchase costs to a minimum.

SMA Business Solutions

Powering your business

More than ever, enterprises are being required to reduce their CO2 emissions and actively contribute to the energy transition. With SMA’s Energy System Business, commercial customers can generate sustainable PV electricity and manage their energy consumption intelligently. This way companies can save up to 80% in energy costs and achieve independence from rising energy prices.

SMA Sunny Tripower X

System Manager inside: SMA Sunny Tripower X controls energy systems

Brand new on the market, the Sunny Tripower X forms the new center of SMA Business Solutions. This intelligent inverter is tailored to the needs of commercial and large, private PV systems. Thanks to an integrated System Manager and direct connection to the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, it can do both, generate and manage solar power.

SMA Large Scale Solutions

Powering your future

With our holistic power plant solutions, we are consistently driving forward a CO2-free energy supply and stabilizing utility grids powered by sun, wind and hydrogen. Operators and investors benefit from future-proof plant operation and an advanced return on investment.

Grid-forming solutions: enabling clean energy and stable grids for future generations

Grid Forming is a fundamental technology for the future of the energy sector. The urgent task of integrating renewables into pre-existing grids requires flexible and resilient solutions. Grid Forming is the answer as it increases grid stability and security of supply.

A high-quality grid that is fully powered by clean energy has been one of the founding visions of our company. With 40 years of experience working towards this goal we are deeply committed to making your energy project a success story: reliable, profitable, and future proof: A true asset for today's market and coming generations.

Grid forming solutions
SMA Power Plant Manager

Future-proof plant control: safeguard the networking of various energy sources

The Power Plant Manager is the turnkey solution for power plants with or without battery-storage systems. The intelligent device monitors and controls the grid-compliant energy generation and empowers operators and investors to participate in the future energy market.

Key to de-carbonization: generating green hydrogen for various applications

Hydrogen production from renewable energy sources is indispensable for reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate goals. Discover our fully integrated, containerized solution for green hydrogen production for application in various industries.

Key to de-carbonization: generating green hydrogen for various consumptions

360° Professional Support

SMA apps for energy management and service

SMA Energy App - Control your energy system at all times

SMA Energy App

Control your energy system at all times

SMA 360° - Umfassender Support für Fachhandwerker

SMA 360°

Comprehensive support for solar power professionals

SMA Virtual Support App

SMA Virtual Support App

Remotely service central inverters via app - for qualified electricians

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Stay up-to-date with the free SMA Newsletter