The turnkey solution for intelligent plant control

Power Plant Manager

Manage energy and digitalise power plants

The Power Plant Manager is the complete solution for the energy management of large-scale PV and hybrid power plants. Thanks to the software platform ennexOS, it safeguards the intelligent networking of various energy sources. In doing so, it not only monitors and controls grid-compliant energy generation, but also enables the digitalisation of power plants and participation in the energy markets of the future.

The Power Plant Manager equips PV systems with and without battery-storage in on- and off-grid applications for the requirements of the renewable power plants of tomorrow.


Save on generator and diesel costs

Central interface for data overview and analysis: Sunny Portal

Easy monitoring and control of large-scale PV power plants

Remote access: reduced service costs and increased security

Full digital overview at all times

With the Power Plant Manager, you are already optimally equipped for the energy market of tomorrow. The Power Plant Manager ensures that your power plant runs efficiently and also helps stabilise the utility grid. As a turnkey solution, it is available with other system components such as the SMA Hybrid Controller. You can see all your data at a glance anytime with the free Sunny Portal monitoring platform.

The system in detail

This is how the Power Plant Manager can be used to manage and monitor the energy flows in your power plant.

  • Analyses and manages all energy flows:

    • Records all relevant data and performs parameterisation
    • Visualises all important system data in Sunny Portal
    • Greater security thanks to updates, including via remote access
    • Enables grid services
  • The Power Plant Manager is the central system of the power plant and intelligently manages all energy flows.

  • Manages the renewable power plant:

    • Controls generation power
    • Optimises energy flows
    • Controls active and reactive power as necessary
    • Supports voltage and frequency control
  • Controls the battery system:

    • Compensates for load peaks
    • Shifts energy
    • Supports AC- and DC-coupled battery systems
    • Controls state of charge and symmetry
  • Enables the following grid services:

    • Voltage and frequency control
    • Ramp rate control
    • Primary control reserve
    • Black start and synchronisation
  • Controls microgrids:

    • Enables 100% renewable energy supply
    • Keeps reserve power available
    • Establishes grid-forming operation including black start in the event of utility grid failure
    • Secures a backup power supply
  • Manages and controls energy flows from various producers in a way that the power plant can feed in energy efficiently and securely, and stabilise grids.

The Power Plant Manager offers new selling options for energy:

Stable utility grids and optimal energy selling


Starting the power plant without a functioning grid to restore the electricity supply after a grid failure.

Synchronising local grids

Synchronisation of the local utility grid (microgrid) with the public utility grid, for example, after a black start.

Providing primary operating reserve

The primary operating reserve is provided via the battery-storage system at the point of interconnection.

Saving diesel costs

The hybrid grid is supported by voltage-supplying battery inverters and saves fuel.

Automatic active power reduction

Reduction in active power in the event of overfrequency according to grid code specifications.

Customised adaptation

Setpoints of the grid operator, for example, for reactive power or the displacement power factor are implemented as needed.

Constant reactive power

Constant reactive power or a displacement power factor can be made available on a permanent basis or by request.

Dynamic control

Dynamically specified values for reactive power or a displacement power factor are managed at the point of interconnection.

Digitally optimised service

The Power Plant Manager efficiently reduces maintenance costs through digital management. The simultaneous adjustment of parameters on several devices saves time during commissioning and maintenance. Software updates are carried out remotely and increase security at the power plant.

  • Manage parameters digitally

  • Save on service time and costs

  • Central interface for O&M

Bordesholm, a town is disconnected from the utility grid

The town of Bordesholm is equipped with an SMA storage system. It is the first town in Germany that can be completely disconnected from the utility grid and supply itself entirely with renewable energy. In addition to a grid formation function, SMA battery inverters are equipped with a black start function, which can be used to restart the entire electricity supply after a power outage. The Power Plant Manager ensures optimal control of energy flows.

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