SMA Energy System Large Scale


Hybrid. Integrate solar energy

Green electricity 24/7

The SMA Energy System enables conventional and renewable energy sources to be combined intelligently. Power plant projects wherever the utility grid is not available or provides an inadequate supply are a profitable and sustainable investment project for investors. Integrating solar power minimises fuel and maintenance costs.

Hybrid energy worldwide

Battery storage systems provide remote regions with a reliable supply, covering up to 100% of their needs with sustainable energy and reducing harmful emissions. With their grid-forming properties, the SMA Sunny Central Storage battery inverter and the intelligent SMA Power Plant Manager plant control ensure that utility grids are 100% stable and guarantee an all-round supply that conserves resources.


Green energy supply 24/7 anywhere in the world

Save on generator and diesel costs

Integrate solar energy optimally into existing infrastructures

Reliably comply with CO2 and other environmental regulations


PV module

PV modules

Optimised for the local conditions and your requirements.

Sunny Central UP

Sunny Central UP

SMA central inverter that converts solar power (direct current) into usable alternating current.

Sunny Central Storage

SMA battery inverter that temporarily stores solar power in the battery and makes it available as required.

Medium Voltage Power Station UP


Turnkey container solution with Sunny Central UP and a perfectly coordinated medium-voltage solution that includes a transformer and switchgear.

Power Plant Manager

Smart energy manager that operates in conjunction with SMA Monitoring and is responsible for communication and overall system monitoring.

SMA Monitoring

SMA Monitoring

Enables easy and efficient online monitoring of your SMA Energy Systems.


Our Engineering Service team will advise you on the appropriate battery capacity and power for you.

The system in detail

This is how the Power Plant Manager can be used to manage and monitor the energy flow in your power plant.

  • PV modules

    The PV modules generate direct current from incoming sunlight.

  • Sunny Central UP

    The SMA Sunny Central UP central inverter is the core of your SMA Energy System Large Scale with a centralised system layout. It converts the direct current generated by the PV system into alternating current to be able to feed this into the grid.

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  • Sunny Central Storage UP

    The SMA Sunny Central Storage UP battery inverter temporarily stores the surplus solar power in the battery. It performs various grid support functions including frequency, voltage and reactive power control, and it can carry out a black start in the event that the grid collapses.

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  • SMA Power Plant Manager

    The SMA Power Plant Manager monitors and manages the energy flows between producers, consumers and the utility grid. It secures need-based energy generation, helps stabilise the utility grid and contributes to optimal energy marketing.

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  • Battery

    The battery efficiently stores the solar power temporarily and makes it available again as required. This means that you can use solar power around the clock and feed it into the grid as necessary.

  • SMA Monitoring

    With SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, you can keep track of current and historical system data at all times. This also enables you to see exactly how much electricity you could still sell.

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Power Plant Manager

The brain of your SMA Energy System Large Scale


Together with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, the Power Plant Manager is the central system of your SMA Energy System Large Scale and intelligently manages all energy flows.

Power Plant Manager

The system in detail

This is how the Power Plant Manager can be used to manage and monitor the energy flows in your power plant.

  • Analyses and manages all energy flows:

    • Records all relevant data and performs parameterisation
    • Visualises all important system data in Sunny Portal
    • Greater security thanks to updates, including via remote access
    • Enables grid services
  • The Power Plant Manager is the central system of the power plant and intelligently manages all energy flows.

  • Manages the renewable power plant:

    • Controls generation power
    • Optimises energy flows
    • Controls active and reactive power as necessary
    • Supports voltage and frequency control
  • Controls the battery system:

    • Compensates for load peaks
    • Shifts energy
    • Supports AC- and DC-coupled battery systems
    • Controls state of charge and symmetry
  • Enables the following grid services:

    • Voltage and frequency control
    • Ramp rate control
    • Primary control reserve
    • Black start and synchronisation
  • Controls microgrids:

    • Enables 100% renewable energy supply
    • Keeps reserve power available
    • Establishes grid-forming operation including black start in the event of utility grid failure
    • Secures a backup power supply
  • Manages and controls energy flows from various producers in a way that the power plant can feed in energy efficiently and securely, and stabilise grids.

Power Plant Control

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Safe and stable grids

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