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Access new energy markets

Boost your return on investment

Helping you access new energy markets

Australia’s energy market is evolving. Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like rooftop PV systems are starting to create new value for plant owners, energy retailers and grid operators. PV and battery systems can be pooled together to trade energy and also provide grid support functions. The sum of their parts has a big impact on the stability of our grid and in return can offer plant owners additional earnings.

Boost the return on your investment

SMA is consistently chosen as a technology partner thanks to our track record of reliable products, dependable service and technical expertise. In Australia, Virtual Power Plants (VPP) have already integrated with SMA PV and battery systems.

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Improve return on your investment / Additional income

Win-win situation for plant operators and grid operators


SMA Energy System Business: One system. Everything from a single source.

Are you a system developer?

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