SMA Service Rebate for Installers

We pay the SMA service rebate to installers for the replacement of a defective inverter. The principle is simple. They support us with work performed under warranty and quickly receive a set fee.

How do I receive the SMA Service Rebate?

Simply submit your invoice via our Online Service Centre in a PDF format.

To prevent processing delays, please ensure the following are mentioned on the invoice:

  1. The case number,
  2. The defective serial number,
  3. An invoiced amount which does not exceed the below limit, and,
  4. The bill-to-party as described below.

SMA Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 661, North Sydney
NSW 2059, Australia
ABN: 44 127 198 761

The fixed rebate amounts (excluding GST) are as follows:

Payment will be processed via EFT within 30 days upon validation of the invoice and the return of the defective unit to SMA.

$ 175

Spare parts and accessories (eg. communication module, lid, display)

$ 225

Communication devices (eg. Data Manager, Home Manager)

$ 225

Board replacements (one claim per inverter)

$ 225

Sunny Boy and Sunny Boy Storage inverters

$ 400

Sunny Mini Central, Sunny TriPower, Sunny High Power and Sunny Island inverters