SMA Energy System Business

Generate solar power for optimal consumption

From all-day energy user to in-house, green power supplier

Economically beneficial, environmentally friendly

SMA Energy System Business helps you drastically cut your energy costs by generating clean solar power for your business to use while it operates during the day. Any unused solar power can also be fed into the utility grid for a feed-in tariff that will go straight into your pocket. Lastly, a PV system on your roof shows your customers and employees that you are serious about achieving your environmental targets and creating a long-term sustainable future with your business.


Bis zu 80% weniger Energiekosten

Up to 30% lower energy costs

Planning reliability and protection against rising energy prices

Particularly high yields increase ROI (Return on Investment)

Tax benefits through deduction of investment costs and special depreciation

Imagegewinn durch Engagement für Klimaschutz und Ressourcenschonung

Enhanced corporate image by demonstrating a commitment to climate protection and actively conserving resources

Zusätzliche Einnahmen durch Einspeisung

Additional income from grid feed-in


optimised for the local conditions, your requirements and power demand

PV system

optimised for the local conditions, your requirements and power demand

Sunny Tripower CORE1

Sunny Tripower CORE1

SMA inverter that converts solar power (direct current) into usable alternating current

SMA Data Manager M (optional)

SMA Data Manager M (optional)

energy manager that operates in conjunction with SMA Monitoring and is responsible for communication and overall system monitoring

SMA Monitoring (optional)

enables easy and efficient online monitoring of your SMA Energy System

Service and product availability may vary from country to country.

The system in detail

Generate your own solar power with SMA Energy Systems for Business

  • PV system

    The roof-mounted PV system modules convert sunlight into solar power.

  • SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter

    50kW free-standing PV Inverter which produces solar power and minimises your cost of ownership.

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  • SMA Data Manager M (optional)

    Analyses all energy usage of the business e.g. machines. Suggests the most sustainable and cost-effective time of day to use these energy consumers.

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  • SMA Smart Connected

    Your inverter is automatically monitored thanks to the integrated allin- one SMA Smart Connected service. If a problem occurs, you will be notified automatically and repairs will be initiated. Automatically monitors your system, detects any issues and initiates immediate troubleshooting.

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  • SMA Monitoring (optional)

    Visualises energy production and consumption of your business.

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SMA inverter Sunny Tripower CORE1

The centerpiece of the SMA Energy Systems Business


As the centerpiece of your SMA Energy Systems Business, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter converts the direct current generated by your PV system into alternating current. SMA Energy Systems feed unused electricity into the grid. Thanks to SMA’s innovative ShadeFix technology, it is possible to optimise energy use even if some of the modules are in shade.


  • Flexibility
    With a capacity of 50 kW, it is easily scalable up to the megawatt range

  • Reduced opex
    Innovative, fully integrated stand design reduces logistics, installation and material outlay

  • Maximum effiency
    Increased annual energy yields and reduced system-specific energy costs through overdimensioning of the PV system of up to 150%

  • Monitor your investment
    Constant tracking of your energy yields via the web portal or an app

  • Maximum Yield
    Optimised energy yields, even with some shaded modules, with SMA ShadeFix

  • Peace of mind
    Minimised repair times thanks to automatic monitoring and proactive troubleshooting with SMA Smart Connected

SMA - Sunny Tripower CORE1

SMA inverter Sunny Tripower CORE1

How it works

  • The PV system generates solar power from sunlight.

  • The direct current is fed into the inverter.

  • The inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, which you can use in your company or feed into the utility grid.

Further solutions with the SMA Energy System for your Business

Manage and distribute solar energy

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Heat with solar power

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Access new energy markets

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Grid independence with solar power

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Choose the right solar installer for your SMA system

With over 5800 accredited installers in Australia, choosing the right installer is challenging. Make sure you find the best installer with the SMA PowerUP Partner Network. Our independent partners are vigorously audited SMA experts with training and experience. Because of this, their installations are secured by a number of benefits backed by SMA.

  • Free 5+5 years warranty for systems purchased from SMA PowerUP Partners
  • 24/7 Service through automatic inverter monitoring with Smart Connected
  • Trained in the use of SMA design tools to ensure cost effective systems tailored to meet your energy needs
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