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Store solar power
and use it flexibly

Optimise your business’ energy mix

Peak demand is a problem for all businesses – big or small – and can lead to increased charges from the electric utility company. With a highly efficient battery-storage system, you can avoid expensive peak demand charges by storing solar power and using it to supply your business during peak periods. In addition to helping you manage peak demand charges, battery-storage systems allow you to continue supplying operational machines with solar power even when the sun is not shining, further reducing the power you need to purchase.


Up to 40% lower energy costs

Cut energy costs by up to 40%

Cap load peaks and take advantage of low electricity rates

Cap load peaks by using stored solar power as and when needed

Increase self-consumption of solar power: the most cost-effective use

Increase self-consumption of solar power: the most cost-effective use

Optimized use of time- and performance-based energy supply tariffs

Optimised use of time- and performance-based energy supply tariffs

Yields of up to 18%

Yields of up to 18%


PV modules optimized for the local conditions, your requirements and power demand

PV system
optimised for the local conditions, your requirements and power demand

Sunny Tripower CORE1

Sunny Tripower CORE1
SMA inverter that converts solar power (direct current) into usable alternating current

Sunny Tripower Storage 60

Sunny Tripower Storage 60
SMA battery inverter that stores solar power temporarily in the SMA Storage Business battery-storage system and makes it available as required

SMA Storage Business

SMA Storage Business
a highly efficient solution for storing solar power

SMA Data Manager M

SMA Data Manager M (optional)
energy manager that operates in conjunction with SMA Monitoring and is responsible for communication and overall system monitoring

SMA Monitoring

SMA Monitoring (optional)
enables easy and efficient online monitoring of your SMA Energy System

Service and product availability may vary from country to country.

System Details
Storing your solar power with SMA Energy System for your Business

  • PV system

    The PV system modules on your roof convert sunlight into solar power.

  • SMA ShadeFix

    SMA ShadeFix is our software-based shade management system. Commonly this feature is used in systems with light to medium shading. Your energy yield is optimized without adding any further components to the system or PV modules. SMA ShadeFix is already integrated into SMA solar inverters and activated automatically during commissioning. There are no additional costs because SMA ShadeFix is an integral part of the operation management of almost all SMA solar inverters. Optimises solar energy produced even if panels are lightly shaded.

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  • Sunny Tripower CORE1

    The SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter is the core of the SMA Energy Systems for Business. It converts the direct current generated by the roof-mounted PV system into alternating current, which can then be used in your business.

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  • Sunny Tripower Storage 60

    The SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60 battery inverter converts surplus alternating current into direct current, which can be temporarily stored in the SMA Storage Business battery-storage system.

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  • SMA Data Manager M (optional)

    Analyses all energy usage of the business e.g. machines. Suggests the most sustainable and cost-effective time of day to use these energy consumers.

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  • SMA Storage Business

    The SMA Storage Business battery-storage system stores the solar power with maximum efficiency and makes it available again as required. This means that you can use solar power whenever you need it.

  • SMA Monitoring (optional)

    Visualises energy production and consumption of your business.

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  • SMA Smart Connected

    SMA Energy Systems for your home are automatically monitored thanks to the integrated SMA Smart Connected service. Even before you notice a problem, the system has already notified the installer and a solution is on its way. If the inverter has to be replaced, you will quickly receive a free replacement device. Automatically monitors your system, detects any issues and initiates immediate troubleshooting.

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SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60 battery inverter
Utilising solar power precisely when it is needed.

The SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60 battery inverter ensures that your solar energy is stored in batteries and can be reused if necessary. It can be used flexibly in both small and large systems. Its low weight of just 77 kg and high efficiency of up to 98.8% will make it the most efficient member of your team.

SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60 battery inverter

Sunny Tripower Storage - Grande efficienza con 75 kVA per soli 77 kg di peso e un grado di rendimento massimo del 98,8%

Maximum efficiency
Highly efficient with 75 kVA, a weight of only 77 kg and a maximum efficiency of 98.8%

Sunny Tripower Storage - Può accumulare energia molto rapidamente e rilasciarla in modo altrettanto rapido

Fast charging
Can store and discharge energy very quickly, allowing you to maximise your stored solar power and meet the energy demands of your business

Sunny Tripower Storage - Adatto all’uso professionale in attività commerciali, nell’agricoltura e nell’industria con una potenza continua 1C

Suitable for professional applications such as industry and agriculture, with continuous power of 1C

Sunny Tripower Storage - 10 anni di garanzia per l’intero sistema di accumulo a batterie

Peace of mind
10-year warranty for the entire battery-storage system

SMA battery inverter Sunny Tripower Storage 60
How it works

Further solutions with the SMA Energy System for your Business

SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner

Secure your solar investment with the right installation partner

With over 5800 accredited installers in Australia, choosing a solar installer is challenging. Make sure you find the best installer with the SMA PowerUP Partner Network. Our independent partners are vigorously audited SMA experts with training and experience. Because of this, their installations are secured by a number of benefits backed by SMA.

  • Free +5 years warranty for systems purchased from SMA PowerUP Partners
  • 24/7 Service through automatic inverter monitoring with Smart Connected
  • SMA design tools to ensure cost effective systems tailored to meet your energy needs
Stay up-to-date with the free SMA Newsletter

Stay up-to-date with the free SMA Newsletter