Last Updated: August 05, 2021

SMA Status Update

South Australian (SA) Government Smarter Homes Regulation

Dear Valued Customer,
Starting from September 28, 2020, new requirements are progressively coming into effect for PV systems installed in SA. For more information on these requirements, please see the link here.

VDRT Short Duration Ride Through

In SA, inverters are required to pass a voltage droop ride through (VDRT) test. Starting from April 1, 2021, inverters can only be installed in SA if they are listed on the Clean Energy Council's (CEC) VDRT compliant inverter list. SMA is currently completing the required test reports and relisting of these inverters on the CEC VDRT list should be completed within the next weeks.


CEC's Inverter List, valid from April 1, 2021

Remote Disconnect Reconnect System

In SA, inverters are required to be capable of remote disconnect and reconnect. SMA inverters can achieve this functionality through an SMA solution, or by third party hardware/software which are listed on the Department for Energy and Mining "List of Relevant Agents" document.

SMA is offering an integrated technical solution at no extra cost to installers. To use the SMA solution for Remote Disconnect/Reconnect requirement, select "SA Power Networks - SMA" as the Relevant Agent in application forms. The SMA solution for remote disconnect/reconnect is only compliant if the instructions below are followed. These instructions include additional steps during commissioning, portal registration and electronic customer consent.


Commissioning Checklist - SMA inverters connected to Sunny Portal Classic


Commissioning Checklist - SMA systems with a Data Manager M powered by ennexOS


Technical Documentation

Video Walk Through


Inverter commissioning instructions for South Australia

For any assistance with SMA inverter settings, please contact