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Comprehensive testing points the way to significantly reducing noise from central inverters

Reducing Noise in PV Power Plants

Typically, PV power plants are spread out over several acres of land far from residences, towns or cities. Up until now, central inverter manufacturers have not had to deal with noise emissions from the central inverters in and near such large industrial PV farms. In collaboration with the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen (RWTH University Aachen), SMA Solar Technology AG carried out comprehensive and complex testing to identify the sources of noise and ways to reduce it. We found that because noise emissions behave logarithmically, a 10dB reduction will cut the central inverter’s noise emissions by half.

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Information for plant designers

Commercial self-consumption of solar power

Since July 1, 2010, the self-consumption of solar energy has become an attractive proposition for commercial consumers as well. Yet what level of self-consumption can be achieved in a commercial context? And what are the factors that can influence?

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Reliable connection to medium voltage for trouble-free feed-in

Simple and efficient directly into the grid

Today, up to 99 % of the power genrated by PV power plants flows into the medium voltage grids all around the globe.

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Information and details regarding the self-consumption of solar energy

The self-consumption bonus

What does self-consumption mean? How much self-consumption can an average home achieve without taking any additional measures? Are there ways to increase the self-consumption rate?

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Practical knowledge about SMA system communications

A matter of attitude (1)

SMA's system communications open up a multitude of possibilities for you. With our three-part series we can help you to use them optimally.

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Practical knowledge of SMA plant communication

A matter of attitude (2)

Essential for the manifold functions of the Sunny WebBox: the correct configuration - from the IP address to date and time. For this reason, the second part of our series deals exclusively with the configuration of the SMA data logger.

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Information on the SMA Power Reducer Box

Feed-in and grid security management

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Good yields despite partial shading

OptiTrac Global Peak

The animation shows how the new MPP Tracking from SMA can increase the yield of partially shaded solar plants.

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Why reactive power is important - and no problem with SMA technology

SMA shifts the phase

What is reactive power? What is it good for? What are the requirements for PV systems? Most important realization: reactive power is no problem at all. It is actually a solution for some problems.

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Overview of the grid management functions of SMA inverters

SMA inverters as grid managers

All about grid management: Background information, demands and technical solutions by SMA.

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The inverter is the heart of every PV plant

PV Inverters - Basic Facts for Planning PV Systems

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Inverters: power electronics for a clean power supply

What actually are inverters? What does one need them for, how did they function previously and how today? Which requirements are place on PV inverters today? And which in the future?

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The choice of PV modules is virtually endless

Which inverter is the right one?

The choice of PV modules is virtually endless. Fortunately, there is a right inverter for every module technology.

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With its Sunny Boy HF, SMA has reinvented the transformer inverter

Back to the Future

The new Sunny Boy HF is more efficient, more flexible, and easier to install than comparable models on the market, primarily because it combines a concept SMA developed 19 years ago and state-of-the-art technology.

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