The free PC software solution

Sunny Explorer

The free PC software solution

Switch on your PC, activate Bluetooth and start Sunny Explorer. That’s all that’s needed to give operators and installers an overview of their PV plant. The free software is the optimum addition to inverters with Bluetooth. Key plant data can be visualized on a PC. Sunny Explorer also provides support during inverter parameterization. PV plant maintenance is convenient and fast thanks to quick access to measured values and the event memory.


Easy to use

  • Free PC software for monitoring the PV plant via Bluetooth

  • Quick overview of yields and plant status


  • Intuitive operation

  • Graphic display of key PV plant data


  • Long-term archiving via data export in CSV format

  • Rapid diagnosis via access to measured values and event memory

Sunny Explorer

Release Notes

You can download this version directly from the download area.

Sunny Explorer Version 2.01.21.R (Updated November 2020)

  • Support of new country standards
  • Improvement of commissioning of Speedwire Encrypted Communication (SEC)
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Sunny Explorer Version 2.01.19.R (Updated April 2020)

  • Bugfix for countries with non ASCII character sets when selecting the network

Sunny Explorer Version 2.01.16.R (Updated November 2019)

  • Extended device support
  • Improvements in terms of cyber security, for example
    • Support of SMA Speedwire Encrypted Communication (SEC)
    • New SMA password rules
    • Protection against CSRF attacks
  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Corrective measures for stability issues
  • Corrections of various errors

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07.29.R (Updated January 2017)

  • Update of the device support

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07.27.R (Updated June 2016)

  • Update of the device support
  • Compatible with new national standards (AS4777.2_2015, NRS97-2-1, HECO2015)
  • Display of the current reactive power for installers (Q@Night)

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07.23.R (Updated June 2015)

  • Update of the device support

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07.20.R (Updated December 2014)

  • Update of the device support
  • Compatible with new national standards (EN50438_2013, NEN-EN50438_13, PEA2013, MEA2013, SI4777_HS131_Pf, RD1699/413)
  • Compatible with new parameters for grid monitoring as well as system and device control
  • General bug fixing

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07.17.R (Updated June 2014)

  • Supports the following SMA devices:
    • Sunny Island 6.0H (SI6.0H-11)
    • Sunny Island 8.0H (SI8.0H-11)
  • Support of Japanese language
  • General Bugfix

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07.11.R (Updated March 2014)

  • Supports the following SMA devices:
    • SB6000TL-US-22
    • SB5000 TL-US22
  • Supports the country data set:
    • G59/3

Sunny Explorer Version 1.07 (Updated January 2014)

  • Update of the device support
  • Better performance for Speedwire connections
  • Bug fixes

Sunny Explorer Version 1.06 (Updated November 2013)

  • Update of the device support
  • Support of new country codes with the country-specific application guidelines

Sunny Explorer Version 1.06 (Updated August 2013)

  • Update of the device support (SMA Energy Meter)
  • Support of new country codes
  • Bug fixes

Sunny Explorer Version 1.06 (Updated May 2013)

  • Update of the device support (STP inverters)
  • Compatible with new national standards

Sunny Explorer Version 1.06 (Updated March 2013)

  • Update to the device support (inverter, Sunny Island 6.0H, Power Control Module, SMA Grid Gate (GRIDGATE-20), Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy-Back)
  • Multicast support for special routers, switches and powerline adapters
  • Retrieval of all of the events of an inverter for the Installer user group
  • Visualization of the inverter status "No feed-in"
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Sunny Explorer Version 1.05 (Updated October 2012)

  • Troubleshooting for devices communicating via Speedwire

Sunny Explorer 1.04 (last updated: June 2012)

  • Update of the device support (Inverter, Bluetooth® Piggy-Back Off-Grid Module, SMA Power Control Module)
  • Support of Speedwire® as type of communication for inverters with Webconnect data module as well as inverters with integrated Webconnect function (STP/WTP 5000TL / 6000TL / 7000TL / 8000TL / 9000TL)
  • Improved plant analysis and control for installers via visualization of the Bluetooth network topology and display of the connection quality between individual devices
  • Bug fixes

Sunny Explorer 1.03 (last updated: October 2011)

  • Parameters of the VDE application guide (VDE-AR-N 4105) can be adjusted (only for Germany)
  • Whether it is necessary to enter the GridGuard password is - as of now - checked on the basis of the country set in the device.
  • Internal improvements by inverter update

Sunny Explorer 1.02 (August 2010)

  • Graphical display of daily, monthly and yearly yield summed up for the whole plant
  • Faster display of each chart
  • General improvements and debugging

Sunny Explorer 1.01 (Stand Dezember 2009)

  • Erweiterung der grafischen Darstellung um die Tages-, Monats- und Jahresenergiewerte für jeden Wechselrichter
  • Die Funktion des Datenexports bietet die Möglichkeit zur langfristigen Archivierung der Energiewerte und Ereignisse im CSV Format
  • Anzeige der Verbindungsqualität in der Statuszeile
  • Durchführung von zukünftigen Geräteupdates per Bluetooth

Sunny Explorer



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