Australian Institute of Marine Sciences - SMA Solar

Australian Institute of Marine Sciences

Queensland, 2018

The Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS) conducts research on the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems, among other things. At its headquarters near Townsville in the north of Queensland, a solar system with SMA Tripower inverters and with a capacity of 1,044 kWp is installed. The project will bring savings of up to $400,000 per year, enabling greater investment in science. This solar installation will reduce AIMS’s carbon footprint by 15% - a large step towards the institutions’ goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% through the switch to sustainable renewable energies.

SMA Sunny Tripower

Queensland, Australia


Nominal power
1,044 kW

Annual energy yield
1922 MWh/year

Annual CO2 savings
1,500 tonnes

System Technology

1 SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL

10  SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TL

10  SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL

8 SMA Sunny Tripower 60

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