Enfield Home System - SMA Australia residential reference

Enfield Home System

New South Wales 2019

In Sydney’s inner west, Scott and his family is set to achieve a zero-cost electricity bill – something all home owners dream of. This was made possible through their SMA system which now powers their home with clean solar energy, installed in late 2019. In order to ensure they were getting the most out of their solar investment for the years to come, the family utilitised the SMA PowerUP partner network to find a quality installer for the home solar system. Since getting solar, the family have had an average self-consumption rate of 37% (consuming solar power at the time it is generated in the day), a self-sufficiency quote of 50%, and annual savings of $2200 AUD, all without a battery system.

“We wanted to make an investment into solar – that is why we chose SMA and our SMA PowerUP Partner. Due to the high quality of SMA products, we are confident that the system will not only outlast the 4 year payback period of the installation, but will be powering our family home as it grows in the future. Through this, we are also able to make our own personal contribution to the global Paris Accords targets.”

Scott, Homeowner

SMA Sunny Boy with SMA Home Manager 2.0 - Enfield Home System

New South Wales, Australia

December 2019

Nominal power
7.2 kWp

Annual Energy yield
10.1 MWh

Annual CO2 savings
8.3 tonnes

System Technology

Sunny Boy 6.0 (SB6.0-1AV-41)

Sunny Home Manager 2.0 (with automated load sockets)

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