Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Power Station

Northern Territory 2022

Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Power Station - 11.4 MW

Located in Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia, the Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Power Station, owned and operated by sustainable energy producer / IPP; EDL, is the first large-scale power plant commissioned in Australia, equipped with SMA grid-forming and blackstart technology capabilities.

The 11.4MW hybrid power station comprising 3.9MW solar generation, a 3MW/5MWh grid-forming battery and 4.5MW of diesel generation, providing the town of Jabiru with at least 50% renewable energy generation. PV is utilized as the main source of energy, with the grid-forming capabilities from the BESS system, along with diesel generation providing additional stability and reliability.

SMA technology on site is made up of one MV Power Station 4400-S2 (MVPS-4400-S2) consisting of a Sunny Central UP 4400 kVA (SC 4400 UP) solar inverter to convert clean DC power to AC power, two MV Power Stations 2475-S2 (MVPS 2475-S2) with built in Sunny Central Storage 2475 kVA (SCS 2475) battery inverters to provide off-grid capability, working in tandem with the local diesel generation, and a SMA Power Plant Manager (PPM) with Hybrid Controller coordinating the microgrid control system.

The hybrid power station is part of the Northern Territory Government’s 135.5-million-dollar commitment to Jabiru’s future as a vibrant tourism hub and service centre for Kakadu National Park and the West Arnhem region, helping the Northern Territory to reach its 50% renewable energy target by 2030.

Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Power Station - 11.4 MW

Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia


Total hybrid capacity
11.4 MW

Nominal PV power
3.9 MW

BESS capacity
3 MW / 5 MWh

Diesel Generation
4.5 MW

System Technology

1 x MVPS 4400-S2 with 1 x SC 4400 UP for PV
2 x MVPS 2475-20 with 2 x SCS 2475 for BESS
1 x Power Plant Controller

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