Large-Scale Storage Solutions from SMA: Energy on demand — as required

System solutions with Sunny Central Storage battery inverters are used in storage power plants and PV hybrid systems worldwide. They ensure the stability of transmission lines and reduce energy costs through the use of photovoltaic energy and large-scale battery-storage systems in hybrid power generation systems.

Large-scale storage solutions from SMA for a stable, flexible and efficient energy supply.

  • Make renewable energy reliable and dispatchable
  • Provide ancillary services to ensure stable grid operation
  • Solutions based on components from large-scale systems

  • Suitable for all grid-tied and hybrid applications
  • Independence from volatile energy supplies and rising diesel costs
  • Optimum integration of PV into the existing infrastructure

  • Turnkey Storage Solution

    The Sunny Central Storage battery inverter meets all grid requirements worldwide and is also available as a turnkey container solution.

  • Fully Automated System Operation

    The SMA Hybrid Controller combines monitoring and control of storage systems in grid-tied and hybrid systems.

  • Battery Storage

    Energy is stored in large storage systems. SMA solutions allow the use of storage systems from different manufacturers.

Perfectly harmonized components in large storage solutions

Sunny Central Storage 2200 / 2475 / 2500-EV / 2750-EV

Sunny Central Storage
Battery inverter for integrating large-scale storage systems

The large-scale battery inverter makes it easy to integrate large-scale storage systems into new and existing PV power plants. The inverter has high power density, a wide battery voltage range and is ready for global deployment. The Sunny Central Storage meets all globally relevant grid requirements and is also available as a container solution with pre-configured components.

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SMA Hybrid Controller

SMA Hybrid Controller
Reliable control of large storage and hybrid systems

The SMA Hybrid Controller intelligently controls energy flows and enables seamless integration of renewable energies into power grids. With the new diesel-off function, it operates micro grids based entirely on renewable energies and keeps the utility grid stable even if strong fluctuations occur.

Learn more about the SMA Hybrid Controller here

PV diesel hybrid solutions from SMA

SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH

The sun saves fuel

SMA PV diesel solutions offer independence from fossil fuels and reduce operating and maintenance costs, especially in remote areas far from the utility grid. Diesel fuel costs are reduced and all environmental regulations, including those regarding CO2, can be met reliably.

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