SMA Australia advances solar expertise through the SMA Solar Academy

SMA Australia provide complimentary training at their dedicated Solar Academy training room in North Ryde and through the travelling Solar Academy Roadshow.

Recent demand for the increased availability of Solar Academy training courses has led to the establishment of a dedicated SMA Solar Academy training facility at the new SMA premises in North Ryde, Sydney.

The SMA Solar Academy holds regular Sydney-based trainings, and also offers numerous training courses across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Complimentary training courses are available at a basic, advanced or expert level, and courses can be tailored to suit specific individual needs.

Incorporating the latest industry trends, new developments and current topics within the field, SMA Solar Academy training courses are informative, giving relevant qualifications for long-term success in the ever-changing solar industry. The SMA Solar Academy provides a wide range of courses covering on-grid, off-grid, communication and monitoring systems as well as small wind power systems.

Product trainer Jason Keller aims to enhance the knowledge of professionals in the area of grid-connect inverters, while off-grid specialist Wilhelm van Butselaar provides extensive learning in the field of remote and hybrid systems.

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