SMA Celebrates 30 years in Business and Inaugurates the World’s Largest PV Inverter Service Center

In the presence of the Federal Minister for the Environment, Norbert Röttgen, SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) celebrated its 30th anniversary today. At the same time, the company inaugurated the world's largest service center for PV inverters. Beginning spring 2012, SMA will bundle its service activities in the 24,000 m² building, with the aim of further evolving the broad range of services offered to customers around the globe.

Since being founded in 1981, SMA has grown from a small German engineering firm for control systems into the world market and technology leader for PV inverters. During this time, SMA has continued to set trends in the field of photovoltaics and has significantly contributed to the spread of renewable energy forms.

"The company founders’ vision of a 100 % decentralised, renewable energy supply is what drives SMA forward to this day. Today, the global energy turnaround has become irreversible and is going to benefit the company long term”, states Pierre-Pascal Urbon, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of SMA. 

One of the most important topics in the energy supply sector is the integration of the ever-increasing quantities of electricity from renewable sources into the power distribution grid. Smart plant and grid management solutions from SMA play an important role in this area.

“SMA is poised to help shape the worldwide energy supply change as a global energy management company", Urbon continues.

Against this background, SMA is also cultivating service expertise. Right now, the largest service centre for PV inverters in the world is being erected at the Sandershäuser Berg industrial area. It was inaugurated today by the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Norbert Röttgen.

Beginning early 2012, replacement devices from all over the world will be analysed, tested and repaired in the new building, which provides 24,000 m² of floor space. SMA has a global network of 85 service sites in 19 countries. At the ultra-modern Sandershäuser Berg site, the company will yet again optimise customer service work processes. The aim is to ensure that excellent service and short response times will be maintained in spite of an ever-increasing number of supplied inverters. 

"The new service centre at Sandershäuser Berg will provide a perfect infrastructure that will enable us to achieve further improvements with regard to speed, quality and costs", emphasises Executive Vice President of Service, Souleymane Niang.

The new Service Centre has not only been designed with optimum functionality, but also with a focus on sustainable and efficient energy usage. This concept includes a fully insulated shell with a wooden-frame construction and incorporates effective heat recovery, utilising waste heat from production. In addition, a photovoltaic plant with a power output of 1 Megawatt is being installed on the building’s roof.