Torrens Island Battery Energy Storage System

South Australia, 2023

Torrens Island Battery Energy Storage System – 250 MW

Sited on Torrens Island, South Australia, SMA battery inverters connect Australia's second largest (Aug, 2023) battery energy storage system (BESS), with a 250 MW / 250 MWh power capacity to the National Electricity Market grid, one of the world’s longest interconnected power systems.

SMA worked together with Finish System integrator, Wärtsilä, in constructing the Torrens Island BESS within 18 months. For owner and vertical energy integrator, AGL, it's their first battery operated project in creating a more sustainable energy portfolio, with other energy storage projects also in construction, as part of their goal to have 5 GW of new renewables in place by 2030.

SMA technology installed on site consists of 109 Sunny Central Storage 3600 UP-XT battery inverters integrated in fully type-tested MVPS-4200-S2 skids.

With enough stored energy capacity to power 75,000 homes in South Australia for a period of one hour, Torrens Island BESS will play an important role in balancing the intermittency of renewables, thus providing stability and reliability to the grid.

Torrens Island Battery Energy Storage System

Torrens Island, South Australia

August, 2023

Nominal BESS power
250 MW/ 250 MWh

Battery Cabinets

Est. power capacity
75,000 homes for one hour

System Technology

109 x Medium Voltage Power Station 4200-S2
109 x Sunny Central Storage UP-XT for BESS

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