SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

One unique platform for all your PV systems

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, what’s in a name?

ennexOS is a cross-sector platform for controlling energy flows accessed via Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. It was initially set up for commercial and industrial applications in combination with the SMA Data Manager.

SMA now makes the benefits of ennexOS available to all new PV systems.

From now on, you can enjoy all the features of one unique platform.

Sunny Portal goes entirely ennexOS

SMA has been working hard to ensure our Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS platform is ready for the future and now we are ready to take the next step together with you.

Benefits for installers

  • A new modern design

  • One unique platform for registering all your PV systems

  • Remote parameter configuration of SMA inverters

  • Detailed AC/DC data for inverters of the newer generation

  • Data in 5-minute resolution for a closer look at your PV system and household

  • Current data without delay

Benefits for owners

  • A new modern design

  • Data in 5-minute resolution for a closer look at your PV system and household

  • Current data without delay

More on the functionalities of Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Benefits and functionalities

An integration in two phases

In a first phase, you are asked to register your new PV systems in Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. Your login credentials for Sunny Portal Classic are also valid for Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS.

In the next phase, your existing PV systems will be integrated into ennexOS*. You will receive an email from us before the integration notifying you about the timing. After SMA has successfully completed this integration you will be informed with a separate email. From then on, you can access all your installations’ data in Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS and enjoy the benefits of one unique professional platform for smart energy management.

All users for each PV system will be added to the new PV system with their original access rights.

Shortly after the integration the plant on the classic Sunny Portal will no longer receive live data updates. All energy data for the entire lifetime of the system and power data from up to 60 days in the past will be transferred to the new system following the integration. These data will begin accumulating from the day of integration onward.

Tigo will no longer be supported. This means that your panel layout with the individual panel data will no longer be visible in Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. If you have Cloud Connect Advanced you can log into the Tigo portal to view module data for your system.

If you are using the SMA Energy App, as an installer or as an end user, it will show data from the new PV installation as that has been added to your Sunny Portal account.

* Systems with Sunny WebBox and SMA Cluster Controller remain on Sunny Portal Classic.

How to start

How to start

Is this your first encounter with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS? Click here for more information.

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Sunny Home Manager

Sunny Home Manager

Does your system contain a Sunny Home Manager? Then click here for more options!

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Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Simple and efficient PV-system monitoring

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, allows you as a PV system owner or installer to access your key system data anytime, anywhere. You can also analyze measured values and visualize and compare yields. This means that even minor deviations can be detected and resolved quickly.

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS supports more than 900.000 registered systems world-wide with more than 40 GW of monitored PV power in over 200 countries.

Everything at a glance

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS visualizes all yield data conveniently and concisely.

  • Live system status data*

  • Information about current energy flow

  • Status information of all the system devices

  • Simple overview of PV power and yield

  • Additional information depending on system setup

* Live data is not available for PV systems including a Data Manager M.

Everything at a glance - Sunny Portal Powered by ennexOS

Keep your energy in balance in real time

Sunny Portal offers specialized views of the energy yields, taking into consideration the requirements of different system types.

See detailed information about the energy flow in the household or commercial energy PV system.

Keep your energy in balance in real time - Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

All the data at your fingertips

  • Quick fault analysis saves time and reduces yield losses

  • Analyzing PV-system data helps identify unwanted PV-system behavior

  • Detailed AC/DC and battery data in 5-minute resolution

All the data at your fingertips - Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Your portfolio in one account

  • Get an simple overview over all systems registered to your account

  • Organize your portfolio with groups to better focus on the important systems

Your portfolio in one account - Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

More benefits

Reporting and alarms

Reporting and alarms

  • Alarms for communications monitoring

  • Basic daily and monthly reports

SMA Smart Connected

SMA Smart Connected

  • Automatic inverter monitoring through SMA

  • Replacement service

  • Proactive communication

Cloud API

Cloud API



  • Commission PV systems easily with SMA 360° App

  • Visualize your energy with the SMA Energy App

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

How to start in three easy steps

1. Register a new system

  • Go to

  • Log in with your existing Sunny Portal account. If you’re a new user, than register a new account

  • Choose “Configuration” in the left menu and select “Create system”

  • Follow the instructions in the wizard

  • The steps may differ depending of the type of PV system you want to register. After the registration of the system it may take a few minutes before everything is synchronized.

2. Navigation

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS has to major navigation patterns. The menu (A) gives you access to different views and configuration options, depending on which level in your portfolio you currently are. The header navigation (B) lets you navigate between the different levels: Portfolio, system groups, systems, sub-systems and devices.

How to navigate - Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

3. Complete your system’s setup!

Set up notifications for basic reporting and alarms

  • Navigate to "Configuration" in the left menu.

  • Select "Notifications" at your system level.

  • You can also configure notifications at higher levels, such as the entire portfolio, if you have multiple systems in your account. This allows you to manage notifications for multiple systems simultaneously.

  • Create notifications for monitoring communication to the portal, set up alarms for inverter comparisons, or schedule monthly email reports.

Set up monitoring options

  • Go to “Configuration” in the left menu

  • Select “System monitoring”

  • Choose from different types of monitoring options:

    • SMA Smart Connected

    • Inverter Comparison

    • Performance Ratio (not available for all systems)

Add additional users

  • Go to “Configuration” in the left menu

  • Select “User administration”

  • Add users and choose between different access levels. If a new user is not yet registered in Sunny Portal, an invitation is sent out.

Complete your system’s setup! - Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

PV systems with Sunny Home Manager 2.0

If you want to register a new PV system and it contains a Sunny Home Manager 2.0, then this information is important for you.

Because Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS does not support all the functionalities of the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 yet, you can chose whether you register your PV system in Sunny Portal or in Sunny Portal ennexOS.

Please note that the following functions will be activated in Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS in the first half of 2024:

  • Load balance: display of planning, switching of loads; display of the energy mix

  • Support for Niko Home Control

  • Configuration of electricity tariffs

  • Forecast-based battery charging

  • Time-controlled battery charging (time-of-charge)

SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0

You have the choice

In order to help you decide, we have listed the current benefits and restrictions of both options depending on your installation.

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

If it’s a standard PV system with a battery or an EV Charger, then opt for Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS and enjoy the benefits it offers for this type of system.


  • All your PV systems on one unique platform

  • High data resolution (5 min)

  • Integrated Analysis Pro view with extended AC/DC measured values

  • Modern and uniform interface

  • New functions in the future

Sunny Portal

When the installation contains loads that need to be monitored and managed precisely, then register in Sunny Portal.


  • Your PV systems divided over two platforms

  • Lower data resolution (15 min)

  • Analysis Pro view (subject to charge)

  • No further development of new functions

Note: Integration into Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS will follow at a later date.

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Release Notes

Update October 2023

New feature

  • Load balance view with weather and PV forecast


  • Robustness of the ‘Energy flow’ widget increased

Update August 2023

New feature

  • Energy flow visualization on the dashboard, known from the SMA Energy App


  • Easier registration of SMA Smart Connected
  • Bugfixes

Update March 2023


  • Bugfixes

Update January 2023

New feature

  • PV sub-arrays
    • PV system can now be created with multiple orientations/tilts
    • PV sub-arrays are specified when creating the system or later under Configuration > System properties > PV modules
    • Sensors for irradiation, module temperature and outside temperature can be assigned separately to each sub-array in order to improve the calculation of the performance ratio


  • Virtual loads
    • Improved user guidance when creating virtual loads
    • Deletion of virtual loads is now possible
  • Bug Fixes
    • Wrong scale in preview graph

Update September 2022


  • Bugfixes

Update June 2022


  • Analysis Pro view:
    • Simpler selection of multiple devices
    • Clearer representation of devices
    • Performance optimizations for systems with many devices

Update April 2022

New features

  • System image upload for presentation on dashboard
  • Chronological display of changes in device parameters


  • New language: Swedish

Update January 2022


  • New language support: Danish, Hungarian and Romanian (later in Q1 – Swedish)
  • Redesigned forms for better usability
  • Configuration of a plant specific CO2 factor to adapt to the energy mix of the individual utility company

Update September 2021

New features

  • Monitoring of loads
    • Based on energy meters and their measurements it is now possible to create virtual loads as devices and monitor them
    • Loads are shown grouped (e.g. light, heating and warm water) in the “Energy balance” view
    • Configuration is done in the “Device administration” through the additional menu (3 dots) on energy meters that are not yet linked to other devices


  • Improved menu with text and updated Icons

Update June 2021


  • New view “Yearly comparison” (Analysis)
  • Many dashboard widgets now have a direct link to the corresponding overview pages for easier navigation
  • Optimized readability of graphs (Analysis Pro view)
  • New option to activate “Automatic updates” of communication devices and their subdevices under Configuration > System properties
  • From now on, notifications can only be sent to registered users (unregistered users have been informed about this change in the notifications for the past few weeks)

Update January 2021


  • Added new notifications for compatibility with IEC 62109-2 & AS 5033
  • Bugfixes

Update September 2020


  • Under Configuration > Device administration you now see the hierarchy between the data logger and the secondary devices
  • Event reports are now available with an “Hourly” option
  • The status list now includes the additional column “Total energy”

Update July 2020

PV inverter comparison view

With this release, our “Detailed Report” is also available as an interactive view in the “Analysis” menu.
The “PV Inverter comparison” view makes it easy to compare all the PV inverters with each other. The additional highlighting of the devices that under or over step the tolerance helps you to find the sweet spot for your inverter monitoring.


  • We added a zoom option to the charts.
  • Under Configuration > Device administration you now have a flexible filter option to easier manage systems with many devices.
  • Event reports are now covering all event categories.
  • We optimized the calculation of the “Direct consumption” in the energy balance view.

Update April 2020

Sensor data on the Dashboard

With this release, it will be possible to display current measured values from sensors, that are present in a PV system, directly on the dashboard. Until now, the measured values were only available via the "Analysis Pro" view.

At the plant level, the sensors that were configured under the menu item Configuration > Sensor assignment are automatically displayed.
At the device level e.g. for a Moxa I/Os also all sensor channels are displayed on the device dashboard. Even reported percentages can be displayed, for example to represent the filling level of a diesel generator.

The individual sensor widgets can be turned on/off for each dashboard.

Simplified navigation

We have optimized the usability of the navigation bar. Until now, it was possible to jump directly to a status list with one click or, if you only clicked on the symbol, to select individual elements directly in the navigation via a submenu. It was difficult to understand and hardly recognizable.
From now on, one click always opens a submenu in which you can directly select a corresponding sub section or a device etc.. The detour via the status list is omitted.
You can now access the status list both via an additional entry in the "Monitoring" function area and via the submenu in the navigation bar.

We have also cleaned up the submenu itself, which is called up via the navigation bar. In the upper area, all grouped elements are now directly one below the other. They are also marked with their distinctive symbol. This makes it much easier to differentiate between the individual entries.

Update September 2019

Faster site setup

  • Less is more
    With this release we simplify the registration of a new site.
    It is now no longer necessary to enter the address data of the installer and the system owner. This is only needed if the site is monitored by our integrated "Smart Connected“ feature.
    When registering the site, you only have to select whether you are the installer or if you are the owner of the system yourself.
  • Invite new users
    Until now, it was necessary that users already have a Sunny Portal account before they could be given access to a site. That was complicated. From now on, you can invite new users to the ennexOS platform, both directly during the initial site setup and from the user administration of a site.

Introduction of user roles

There was always the possibility to assign certain access rights to each. This allowed to specify what type of information a user could view or edit. However, the rights do not tell anything about the function of a person in relation to the site. With this update, we introduce the following user roles:

  • Owner
  • Installer
  • Operator

The assignment of the roles currently has no further effect. On the one hand, it serves as documentation and on the other hand it allows us to address the right person either in regards to “Smart Connected” or other cases.

More improvements

  • Dashboard widgets
    With this update, we have adjusted the times shown in the dashboard widgets. So far, the last 24 hours, the last 7 days and the last 30 days were shown there. That was apparently not optimal.
    The widgets now show the current day, the current month and the current year.
  • Notification Center
    In the upper navigation bar, there is now a new icon, a "bell". There you find our new notification center, which will inform about updates of Sunny Portal itself and will show important events of the user´s sites.
  • New menu structure
    We have sorted the menu items and aligned them across the different site hierarchies, making them easier to find.
  • New report with detailed device information
    Within the notifications, a new report is available with this release. Detailed information about all the PV inverters and their performance are listed in tabular form. In addition, when the inverter comparison is activated, devices that performed outside the defined tolerance are marked in color.

Update June 2019

Russian as new Language supported

New Features for „Analysis Pro“

  • Production Comparison
    Besides the tab „Detailed Analysis“ there is now a new tab „Energy & Power“. Within this new view the user is able to easily compare absolute and specific yields of inverters for individual days, months and years. In addition to that it is possible to do comparisons with multiple plants.
  • Personalized selection of measurements
    Within the left filter sidebar the user has now access to the new feature “Channel Profiles”. They allow the user to easily select various basic measurement combinations that are predefined through SMA. Additionally the user is able to save individual combinations of measurements as his own “Channel Profiles”, which will then be available for all plants in the portfolio.

Update March 2019

New functions for Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

  • Supports the exchange of a SUNNY WEBBOX against a SMA Data Manager
    Energy and power data of existing plants with one or several Sunny WEBBOXes can be transfered from Sunny Portal Classic to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS when you create a new plant.
    Before that only the transfer of plants with the SMA Cluster Controller was possible.
  • Support of plural SMA Data Manager in one plant (Master/Slave configuration)
    From now on plural SMA Data Manager can be registered in one plant. This can be necessary when a plant has more than the 50 devices which are supported by the SMA Data Manager M or e.g. large existing plants with plural Sunny WebBoxes or SMA Cluster Controller which should be converted to the SMA Data Manager M.
    During the commissioning an operating modus can be selected which determines the role of the Data Manager within the plant. Either he is a Master and can control the entire system and sends control commands to subordinate SMA Data Manager M´s and inverters or he is configured as a Slave an is only able to receive control demands from the Master send them to the inverter.
    For now there is only one Master and one grid connection point in the entire plant.
  • Virtual devices on base of energy meters
    With the release it is now possible to visualize other energy producers in the system, besides PV. The following virtual devices can be implemented and monitored energetically:
    • CHP unit
    • Diesel generator
    • Hydro power plant
    Within the plant the devices are implemented manually. Either the measured data can be entered into the portal the device is connected to an energy meter which has a connection to the SMA Data Manager. The delivers the data for the device.
    Besides new energy sources virtual inverters (several foreign inverters) can be implemented into the system with an extra energy meter.
  • View of energy sources within the energy balance
    When there are plural energy sources monitored there is the possibility to see all energy sources an their interactions.
  • Data migration of plants with a SUNNY WEBBOX from ‚Sunny Portal Classic‘ to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS:
    Data of WebBox plants from the Classic Portal can be copied in the ennexOS portal, if instead of the WebBox a EDMM (and COM GW) is implemented.
  • Support of large plants with more than one Data Manager M within one plant:
    The EDMM supports up to 50 devices. If there are more devices in the plant (e.g. an old WebBox), then the EDMM´s can be matched in one plant. Hint: New plants only, no already registered plants
  • Cross Sector Energy Monitoring
    For the expansion of "Cross Sector Energy Monitoring" abilities we support other producers besides PV. Visualization of further energy producers in the energy balance which are implmented with meters (SMA Energy Meter or other Modbus TCP meters):
    • CHP unit
    • Diesel generator
    • Hydro power plant

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS


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With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

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